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Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work

Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work

Fifth Edition

May 2020 | 248 pages | Learning Matters
Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work are at the heart of effective social work practice. This book offers students a solid grounding in the core knowledge and skills of communication needed for effective practice. The book takes the key theories in communication and explains them in a systematic and practice-related way, essential for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop a critical understanding of the subject.

This crucial fifth edition supports students with core communication skills by providing in-depth coverage closely interwoven with learning features that engage, stimulate and challenge. Working with children, adults and those with learning difficulties are all fundamental aspects of the book making it useful to students of all disciplines.

Chapter 1: Communication skills: don't they just come naturally?
Chapter 2: What do we know about effective communication?
Chapter 3: The human face of social work: understanding emotion and non-verbal communication
Chapter 4: Getting started
Chapter 5: Making progress and managing endings
Chapter 6: Communicating with children and families
Chapter 7: Working with groups
Chapter 8: Working with people with additional communication needs: communicative minorities
Chapter 9: Working with involuntary service users
Chapter 10: Safety and risk: working with hostility and deception
Chapter 11: The demands and rewards of interpersonal work

The text covers many areas for consideration including brain development, human emotion, listening skills, reflection, methods of contact, working with groups, and ‘groups’ of individual experiences such as people who may be seeking asylum or people who have additional support and communication needs. Koprowska layers the different contexts and considerations of practice in an accessible and structured way. 

Louise Henry
Consultant, Improving Care Experiences, CELCIS
Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care - Vol 19, No 3

I'm impressed with this series of books, and am recommending them whenever relevant to a module.

Ms maria marrinan
Social Work, University of Suffolk
November 23, 2023

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