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Communication Basics for Human Service Professionals

Communication Basics for Human Service Professionals

Volume: 56

April 1989 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Understanding communication--or more precisely how to communicate--is a vital part of any human service practitioner's job. This incisive volume brings recent developments in communication (information theories, communication frameworks, new ideas and techniques for problem solving) to the attention of human service professionals and provides a solid foundation in communication principles and skills. Focusing on the basic knowledge and skills necessary for effective interviewing, the authors examine such fundamental skills as self disclosure, awareness, listening, non-verbal messages, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Drawn extensively from the ideas developed in the Couple Communication Program at the University of Minnesota, this volume enables the practitioner to put new communication skills to immediate use. "The book is written in a style easy to read and understand. The examples were interesting and useful illustrations of the underlying concepts, thus adding to the readability of the text. The awareness wheel is both a simplistic and comprehensive framework for organizing information for communicating. It certainly could easily be taught to clients and enhance understanding in client and health care professional interactions. Specific attention to special populations and potential issues further adds to the scope of the text. . . . I endorse this brief but informative book. It would be a useful text for beginning nursing students." --Constance Captain, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee "An outstanding book. . . Professors Nunnally and Moy have distilled the key elements in the communication process and have clearly demonstrated application to the helping process. . . I am recommending this text to the professors who teach in this field. I will also recommend it to practitioners and agency libraries." --Patricia Kelley, University of Iowa "The model provides the conceptual basis for the authors to explain important skills, such as helping others to self disclosure, recognizing different communication styles, and non verbal communications. This is a useful introduction to communication skills using many different examples from the caring professions." --The Health Service Journal "Using Miller's Awareness Wheel consisting of Sensing, Thinking, Feeling, Wanting, and Doing, the authors go on to provide practical information and advice on all forms of communication in the human service field." --Journal of the Institute of Health Education

The Awareness Wheel
Expanding Awareness of Others
Helping Others to Self-disclose
Styles of Communication in Helping
Non-verbal Communication
Managing Disagreements and Conflicts
Reassuring, Advising, Informing, Directing and Ordering
Confronting, Complimenting, Interpreting, and Closing
Communication with Special Populations
Communication Around Sensitive Topics

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