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Connecting Inner Power with Global Change

Connecting Inner Power with Global Change
The Fractal Ladder

First Edition

October 2009 | 252 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

View the new Connecting Inner Power with Global Change show from the author. The first episode in this series has the author speaking with Dan Henkle, SVP, The Gap. Check it out here.

The power to change things lies within us. Presented in this book is a theory of how shifts in oneself can have profound shifts in corporations, markets, systems and the world. It has been said, 'Become the change you wish to see in the World.' But the elaboration of how this is true may remain a mystery. The theory of organization introduced in this book indicates a fractal reality in which an idea, a person, a team, a corporation, a market, a system, and progressively more complex constructs are concretely connected by virtue of common and linked patterns that animates each of these separate levels. Hence the power to positively change progressively more complex and removed arenas of life by making corresponding changes in one's personal space becomes more real.

The fractal theory introduced in this book indicates how these complex structures can be holistically perceived and correspondingly shifted. It presents the ideas through reader-friendly figures and tables for better understanding. It is an invaluable resource for professionals working in the fields of business and management.

The Pattern
The Person Pattern
The Business Pattern
The Economy Pattern
The System Pattern
The Evolution Pattern
The Fractal Ladder
Fractal Properties
The Nature of Progress
Remaking the Business World
Future Leadership
Alternative Futures

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ISBN: 9788132102212

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