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Contemporary Sociological Theory and Its Classical Roots

Contemporary Sociological Theory and Its Classical Roots
The Basics

Sixth Edition

August 2021 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc


Key features
  • Co-author George Ritzer is a distinguished theorist in his own right and an accomplished scholar of sociological theory, known for his clear, authoritative writing on this subject.
  • The chronological organization allows for easy use of supplementary readers to enhance classroom discussion or to broaden students' understanding of theories and concepts.
  • The chapter on Contemporary Feminist Theories has been revised on foundation originally contributed by two feminist scholars, Patricia Lengermann and Gillian Niebrugge.
  • “Key Concept” boxes summarize over 30 ideas that are widely used and debated in the field, from “Social Facts” to “Civil Society.”
  • “Contemporary Application” boxes examine the relevance of many classical theories to social life in today’s global society.
  • Short biographies of key theorists help readers to see their ideas in the context of personal and historical circumstances.

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