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SAGE Publishing acquires software and services developer GVPi

SAGE Publishing has today announced the acquisition of Global Village Publishing (GVPi), a software and services provider specializing in the delivery of customized digital publishing solutions.

“This acquisition provides SAGE with talented development resources, great technology, and the capacity to fuel our aggressive growth plans across our digital products and offerings,” said John Shaw, Vice President of Publishing Technologies.

Sage Journal Packages

Whether your library needs the full, interdisciplinary collection dating back to volume 1, issue 1, or a specific, focused collection targeted to your researchers’ interests, Sage can help you build the perfect fit by providing several journals package options to fit your library's needs.

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Technology one step ahead of war laws

Los Angeles, CA, London, UK - Today’s emerging military technologies—including unmanned aerial vehicles, directed-energy weapons, lethal autonomous robots, and cyber weapons like Stuxnet—raise the prospect of upheavals in military practices so fundamental that they challenge long-established laws of war. Weapons that make their own decisions about targeting and killing humans, for example, have ethical and legal implications obvious and frightening enough to have entered popular culture (for example, in the Terminator films).

Saddam Hussein – a sincere dictator?

London, UK - Are political speeches manipulative and strategic? They could be – when politicians say one thing in public, and privately believe something else, political scientists say. Saddam Hussein’s legacy of recording private discussions offers researchers a fascinating insight: both into the consistency of this controversial leader’s public and private rhetoric and into the bigger picture of conflict and national security during his regime.

The high cost of silencing scientists

London - What are government scientists allowed to say? In Canada, many are feeling “gagged” when it comes to discussing their findings – hampered by funding cuts and the increasing need for all public enquires to be media managed. Even in timely situations, such as the immediate aftermath of a local earthquake, they have felt delayed or prevented from talking directly to journalists.

Publication of renowned American History archive completed

Sixty thousand primary source documents now available online from Adam Matthew Digital

Marlborough, UK, American History, 1493-1945 is now complete - providing teachers and researchers with access to thousands of exceptionally high-quality digital primary source documents from the renowned Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, New York - one of the most important archives on American history in existence.

SAGE and Expert System Announce Release of SAGE Recommends, a Discovery Tool Connecting Social Science Queries with Concepts

Allows semantic exploration of scholarly content across diverse formats and disciplines 

Los Angeles, CA- SAGE and Expert System today announced the release of SAGE Recommends, a new discovery capability within the SAGE Knowledge platform thatprovides users with links to related SAGE content to support academic research. Powered by Luxid® software, the feature uses SAGE’s new proprietary social science taxonomy to reveal connections between content and concepts across disciplines.

Essential perspective on global history now available

Adam Matthew Completes Publication of the ‘Church Missionary Society Periodicals’ Covering Two Hundred Years of World History

(Marlborough, England). Adam Matthew, a global provider of digital primary source content, has today announced the publication of the second and final module of Church Missionary Society Periodicals - ‘Medical Journals, Asian Missions and the Historical Record, 1816-1986’.

Shortlist for prestigious ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize 2016 announced

London, UK. The annual ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize is an opportunity to recognise and reward researchers whose work has made a real difference to society or the economy.

The prize is awarded to ESRC-funded social science researchers who have achieved impact through outstanding research, collaborative partnerships, engagement or knowledge exchange activities.