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Training Resource Center

Welcome to the Training Resource Center! Here you can find materials that will help you learn about, develop your own training on, and teach with SAGE resources. We hope you find these resources useful in increasing discoverability and driving usage at your library.

Indexing & Discoverability

At SAGE, we take seriously our obligation to ensure readers get to the SAGE content they need as smoothly and effectively as possible wherever their starting point and regardless of their device. We tackle discoverability for our products in 4 key areas: open web discovery, institutional discovery, specialized database discovery, and across-SAGE discovery.

Get the facts about real "soldiers of fortune" in: Mercenaries: A Guide to Private Armies and Private Military Companies

Washington, DC - From Sleepy Hollow’s the Headless Horseman to Jason Bourne, Rambo, The A-Team, and Soldier of Fortune magazine, we’re fascinated by fictitious mercenaries and those who seem to be able to solve the world’s security issues in unique and behind-the-scenes ways. Are those types of soldiers really active in our world—or are they just a product of popular culture’s imagination?

Examining civil wars from 1816 to today, CQ Press launches A Guide to Intra-state Wars

While the practice of war has been a feature of humankind for millennia, very few understand the phenomenon through systematic analysis, especially when it comes to organized warfare within states. Launching today, A Guide to Intra-state Wars: An Examination of Civil, Regional, and Intercommunal Wars, 1816–2014 uses data to illustrate how civil war is defined, as well as how the number, severity, location, and participation in intra-state warfare have changed through nearly 300 civil wars.

New CQ Press text uses real-life stories to engage students in the study of American politics

A new American Government textbook harnesses the power of narrative for teaching students American politics and processes – from the nation’s founding to the current political environment. With inspiring stories about a mix of historical and lesser-known individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr., Edward Snowden, and the individuals involved in Occupy Wall Street, American Government: Stories of a Nation, by Scott Abernathy, is available today from CQ Press (a SAGE Publishing imprint).

Communication & Media Studies

SAGE | CQ Press is an international, leading publisher of groundbreaking textbooks, highly influential journals, and innovative, cutting-edge resources and tools in communication, media studies, and journalism. Known for their objectivity, breadth and depth of coverage, and high standards of excellence, our textbooks, reference materials, and journal content span the curriculum and represent the work of some of the leading minds in the field.