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Reese, Laura

Laura A. Reese

Economic Development Quarterly, Journal of Urban Affairs … Global Urban Studies Program at Michigan State University. Her research on economic development, public finance, civic culture and workplace harassment …

R S Deshpande

Economics, Economic Policy, Land Issues, Development Economics and Applied … Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore, Karnataka … Tenancy Reforms. He was one of the three coordinators of the mega study

Sarkar, Sumit

Sumit Sarkar

Sarkar is presently Professor of Economics at XLRI, Jamshedpur. He is a Ph.D. from the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, JNU, New Delhi … trainer. He conducts Management Development Programs for middle and senior …

Ann Brooks

programs in adult education or human resource development graduate programs … Development Quarterly. Recent books include Consulting In Uncertainty … have appeared in such journals as Human Resource Development

Gulati, Leela

Leela Gulati

to Trivandrum and was associated with the Centre for Development Studies. Lately she has been working on the female dimension of ageing and … understand economic questions. She is known for the intensive use of case …

E T Mathew

E T Mathew is Honorary Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. In his long and distinguished career, he has … Department of Economics, University of Kerala; Honorary Director, Comprehensive …

David Pevalin

Pensions and the Health Development Agency. He has published papers in the … Navy, the City of London Police and the Royal Hong Kong Police. He studied part time at the University of Hong Kong before graduate studies at the …

Ingeman Arbnor

born in Sweden in 1949, and studied Economics at the Lund University … establishing a running business training and development centers in cooperation … Arbnor’s doctoral work and a deep professional relation developed, resulting …

Estelle R. Raimondo

International Affairs in Economic and Political Development from Columbia … Policy and Public Administration where she specializes in development … in international development agencies. She is exploring issues of …

Edward Britton

Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). As project director … the professional development of science teachers. During the late 1970s … collaboration with Senta Raizen and others, he developed methods for …