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Jill E. Rudd

Jill Rudd (Ph.D., M.A. & B.B.A., Kent State University) teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in: interpersonal theory; mediation and collaboration decision-making; negotiation; communication &amp …

Tina Marie Harris

interpersonal, and African American relational communication, as well as graduate …

Olsson, Jan

Jan Olsson

specifically interested in school-based administration and interpersonal

Edwards, Autumn

Autumn Edwards

interpersonal communication, communication and technology, and communication …

Leila B. Dutton

her research in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Partner …

Jane Nicol

interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and the importance of these in allowing …

Louise Gilbert

project, which applied an interpersonal neurobiological approach to support …

Mohla, Neeta

Neeta Mohla

Neeta Mohla has worked extensively in the area of people and leadership development, interpersonal dynamics, coaching and counseling. She works with individuals, team and …

Sarah L. Bulloch

aspects of social capital, including interpersonal trust and civic …

M. Chad McBride

about communication in relationships, including the general interpersonal

Lisa K. Waldner

the areas of interpersonal relationship violence, sexual coercion …