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Continuing the Struggle for Justice

Continuing the Struggle for Justice
100 Years of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency

Edited by:
  • Barry Krisberg - University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Susan Marchionna - Criminal Justice Communications Consultant, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, California, USA
  • Christopher Baird - National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD)

April 2007 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This centennial collection of essays and original research studies captures the varied spectrum of philosophies and concerns of the board and staff of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) over the past century . The criminological experts represented in this volume are renowned for their study and research into the far reaches of this field of study. As a chronicle of the NCCD's development, editors Barry Krisberg, Susan Marchionna, and Christopher Baird include some of the most groundbreaking material to come out of the workings of this unique American institution.

Key Features
  • Includes insights from some of the greatest thinkers in the world of criminology: In its first 100 years, the Council has been guided by great criminological thinkers, including Milton Rector, Norval Morris, Marvin Wolfgang, Don Gottfredson, Allen Breed, Roscoe Pound, and others. This volume captures some of their best writing.
  • Promotes the importance of the juvenile court: Respecting the rights of all citizens, NCCD supports the need for a separate system of justice for children.
  • Considers alternatives to incarceration: The included essays and studies address the failings of mass incarceration as a crime control policy and review the value of alternatives to incarceration.
  • Encourages the advancement of effective crime control strategies: The book explores the ways in which social justice and criminal justice are inextricably linked and ponders possible paths to breaking the cycles of violence and incarceration.
  • Sets the foundation for future research: NCCD's gifted staff members, past and present, have created a legacy of research that will help chart a course into the organization's next century.

Intended Audience
This supplemental text is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in criminology, law, jurisprudence, sociology, and social psychology.

Part I: The Views From NCCD's Five Presidents
Charles L. Chute
1. Rational Crime Treatment
Will C. Turnbladh
2. A Critique of the Model Penal Code Sentencing Proposals
Joan Potter
3. Milton Rector: Forty Years of Reform (interview)
Diana R. Gordon
4. Doing Violence to the Crime Problem: A response to the Attorney General's Task Force
Barry Krisberg
5. Hate the Player and Hate the Game: The Politics of the War Against the Young
Part II: The Need for a Separate System of Justice for Children
Roscoe Pound
6. The Juvenile Court in the Service State
Sherwood Norman
7. The Youth Service Bureau: A Key Delinquency Prevention (Introduction)
Barry Krisberg
8. Safety and Welfare Review of the California Youth Authority
Orlando L. Martinez and Claus D. Tjaden
9. Creating Effective Juvenile Justice Systems
Part III: Alternatives to Mass Incarceration
Milton G. Rector
10. The Extravagance of Imprisonment
Allen Breed
11. The State of Corrections Today: A Triumph of Pluralistic Ignorance
Christopher Baird
12. The "Prisons Pays" Studies: Research or Ideology?
Don M. Gottfredson, Peter B. Hoffman, Maurice H. Sigler, and Leslie T. Wilkins
13. Making Paroling Policy Explicit
Norval Morris
14. Impediments to Penal Reform
Part IV: Breaking the Cycle of Violence
Christopher Baird, Dennis Wagner, Rod Caskey, and Deborah Neuenfeldt
15. The Michigan Structured Decision-Making System
Christopher Baird and Dennis Wagner
16. The Relative Validity of Actuarial and Consensus-Based Risk Assessment Systems
Raelene Freitag and Madeline Wordes-Noya
17. Improved Decision Making in Child Maltreatment Cases
Barry Krisberg and Carolyn Engel Temin
18. The Plight of Children Whose Parents Are in Prison
Part V: The Link Between Social Justice and Criminal Justice
Rose Matsui Ochi
19. Racial Discrimination in Criminal Sentencing
Patrick V. Murphy
20. Organizing for Community Policing
Marvin E. Wolfgang
21. Violence, U.S.A: Riots and Crime
Hubert G. Locke
22. The Color of Law and the Issue of Color: Race and the Abuse of Police Power
Anthony C. Thompson
23. Navigating the Hidden Obstacles to Ex-Offender Reentry
Kim Taylor-Thompson
24. Taking It to the Streets
Marvin E. Wolfgang
25. We Do Not Deserve to Kill
Part VI: Conclusion: Continuing the Struggle for Justice

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