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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
Principles and Issues

December 2010 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Guiding the student through the principles and practices of contemporary corporate governance agenda, this book provides discussion of the debates and considerations that define the discipline.

This book offers a fresh look at the commonly accepted view of what constitutes good governance. Exploring the contexts of board decisions, Nordberg draws upon his academic research and years of business and financial journalism in Europe, North America and Asia to provide a distinctive and pertinent contribution to the literature on corporate governance.

  • Featuring 21 detailed case studies, drawn from international examples, to prompt discussion and analysis
  • Providing topical, up-to-date examples and evidence
  • Giving attention to the important question "What next for Corporate Governance?"

This book will be of interest to upper level undergraduate and MBA students taking courses in corporate governance and leadership.

The companion website includes Instructor materials such as an Instructors Manual, PowerPoint Slides, Case Discussions, and Policy & Theory Discussions and Student Materials to help students study effectively and efficiently.

Introducing Corporate Governance
The Problems of Corporate Governance
Theories of Corporate Governance
Mechanisms of Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance in a Global Economy
Codes of Corporate Governance
Issues within the Board
Issues between Boards and Management
Issues between Boards and Owners
Issues between Owners
Issues between the Company and Its Publics
The Universal Antiseptic

Governance beyond Corporations
An Unsettled and Unsettling Future?

This text contains a clear explanation of the key issues and a number of illustrative cases which are very helpful. The international assessments are particularly recommended to help students see beyond the UK context.

Mrs Alice Owen
School of Earth and Environment, Leeds University
May 14, 2013

A very interesting book in the area of Corporate Governance that covers this emerging area in a comprehensive and interesting manner.

Mr Joe Fitzgerald
School of Business, Institute of Business & Technology
February 15, 2013

I think that this book is a very good book as a case study source. At the same time I would rather call the author's attention to the connection between the araised questions in each case and the theoretical explanation thereafter. I believe that this connection is not only unstructured, but it is verg vague in relation to the characters of the questions.

Dr Zia Mansouri
Business Administration , Gothenburg University
November 7, 2012

This is an essential component of our course reading into CSR.

Dr Duncan Connors
Buckingham Business School, Buckingham University
August 24, 2012

Added to the understanding of organizational principles and different issues at state level

Professor Erich Thoeni
Department of Public Finance, University of Innsbruck
July 4, 2012

one of the better texts in an increasingly crowded field

Dr Daniel Valentine
School of Business, Albion College
April 27, 2012

Concise textbook, well structured, valuable supporting case studies, international perspective.

Dr Hermann Balzer
Department of Business Studies, University of Applied Sciences Aachen
January 24, 2012

A good reading material to support student understanding of the concept

Ms Yus aznita Ustadi
Faculty of Admin & Policy Studies, Mara University of Technology
December 14, 2011

I use this text as a reminder to MBA dissertation students about key issues and the impact of CG on organizations and their stakeholders.

It has some useful prompts for further research and study.

Mr Christopher Firth
Business School, Oxford Brookes University
August 3, 2011

Good book on Corporate Governance. A recommended addition to Strategic Management textbook, in particular if students want to know more about Corporate Governance within the subject of Strategic Management.

Dr Surya Mahdi
Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, Bristol
April 14, 2011

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Introducing corporate governance

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