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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
Definition, Core Issues, and Recent Developments

July 2013 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This unique supplemental text offers a well-structured and thorough introduction to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Author Brent D. Beal introduces the basic concept of CSR, briefly discusses the challenges of defining it, and summarizes important conceptual models. CSR is examined in the context of the perfect competition market model, market failure, and social dilemmas. Three different types of CSR—systemic, strategic, and philanthropic—are highlighted. Finally, arguments both for and against CSR are outlined and several conceptual frames are proposed.  Readers are encouraged to think about what businesses should be responsible for in society and how a society’s economic system should be structured, bounded, and ultimately, controlled. This text is appropriate for any business course in which the introduction of CSR would complement other course content.

1. What is CSR?
2. Three Foundational Assumptions
3. CSR and Value Creation
4. The CSR Debate
5. The Future of CSR
Key features
  • Introduces and defines the basic concept of CSR
  • Introduces and defends three foundational assumptions often made by CSR advocates
  • Reviews the mechanics and benefits of properly functioning economic markets
  • Discusses the role of CSR in addressing different kinds of market failure
  • Summarizes the primary arguments for and against CSR
  • Highlights new developments in CSR, including the ongoing evolution of assessment and reporting expectations, conscious capitalism, and Porter’s creating shared value (or CSV) framework
  • Proposes several conceptual frames that challenge generally-accepted views of CSR

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