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Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan

Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan

Second Edition

August 2020 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Organized around the 2016 CACREP Standards, authors Daniel W. Wong, Kimberly R. Hall, and Lucy Wong Hernandez present Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan, Second Edition. This text introduces readers to the fundamentals of the counseling process during each stage of human development. Topics such as the client-counselor relationship, counseling theory, research, and interventions are addressed with a focus on caring for the total person within his/her environment and culture. Emphasizing the importance of intentionality and self-reflection, the chapters include case illustrations and guided practice exercises to further the development of successful 21st century counselors. The Second Edition has been revised to include cutting-edge research on counseling practice and timely topics including bullying and acts of violence in schools.

Chapter 1: Human Development Through the Lifespan
Chapter 2: Theories of Human Development
Chapter 3: Conception and Prenatal Development
Chapter 4: Infancy (Birth to 24 Months Old)
Chapter 5: Toddlerhood (Ages 1 to 3)
Chapter 6: Preschool: Early School Age (Ages 3 to 6)
Chapter 7: Middle Childhood (Ages 6 to 12)
Chapter 8: Early Adolescence (Ages 13 to 18)
Chapter 9: Late adolescence (Ages 19 to 25)
Chapter 10: Early Emerging Adulthood (Ages 26 to 35)
Chapter 11: Middle Adulthood (Ages 36 to 60)
Chapter 12: Late Adulthood (Ages 61 to 75)
Chapter 13: Oldest-Old Elderhood (Ages 75 and Over)
Key features


  • The text is organized around and integrates the 2016 CACREP Standards of developing professional identity.
  • Case Illustrations profile a variety of clients and scenarios while implementing best practices for each individual case and situation.
  • Counseling models throughout the book assist in conceptualizing clients’ issues and treatment planning at different lifespan developmental stages.
  • Guided practice exercises, reflection questions, and pre- and post-assessments offer robust pedagogical support for putting theory into practice.
  • Additional resources and recommended supplemental readings sections provide students and counseling professionals with auxiliary information to further their knowledge in counseling and human development.
  • Each author has a strong professional counselor identity and experience in academics and practice, furthering the theme of professional development to counseling students as well as advocacy for the profession.

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ISBN: 9781544343242