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Counseling LGBTI Clients

Counseling LGBTI Clients

April 2012 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This Practical, Easy-to-Read Guide Prepares Students and Clinicians to Become Effective LGBTI Counselors

This comprehensive, practical, easy-to-read guide for emerging and current practitioners, as well as LGBTI individuals, combines theory, research and practice to help readers become effective counselors. Students and clinicians will gain relevant and up-to-date knowledge about LGBTI groups, and will develop the skills needed to work effectively with each subgroup in an empathetic and understanding manner. Additionally, to enhance practitioners' multicultural competency to counsel LGBTI clients and prepare them for practice in an increasingly global landscape, the author explores cultural differences around the world and discusses how LGBTI identities change from region to region. Counseling LGBTI Clients challenges and changes beliefs about and attitudes toward each LGBTI subgroup, while preparing practitioners to provide sensitive, informed, and effective affirmative counseling to this largely misunderstood population.


1. Introduction
2. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Regarding LGBTI Individuals
3. Gay Boys and Men
4. Lesbian Girls and Women
5. Bisexual Boys and Men
6. Bisexual Girls and Women
7. Fetishistic Crossdressing Children and Adults
8. Transsexual Boys and Transwomen
9. Transsexual Girls and Transmen
10. Intersex Children and Adults
11. Conclusions
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Handling the Roleplay Situations
Appendix C: The Sexuality Questionnaire
Appendix D: The Sexual Orientation Counselor Competency Scale

“I have been looking for a text like this, one that integrates theory, research, and clinical practice seamlessly, since I began teaching students nearly a decade ago.”

Phillip J. Osteen
University of Maryland

“Counseling LGBTI Clients is a thoroughly comprehensive book that makes GLBT issues accessible to students. This book includes a depth and breadth of coverage that I have not seen in other titles.”

Samuel Sanabria
Rollins College

“This text provides an easy to digest and comprehensive current state of the field of GLBT counseling and would be a valuable addition for emerging and practicing clinicians.”

Daniel J. Munoz
Pacific University School of Professional Psychology

“This textbook is an excellent resource to help counselors better understand LGBT persons, bond with similarities, honor differences, and be instrumental in helping LGBT clients to see theirintrinsic value and unique gifts so as to better honor self and let their light shine brightly."

Laura R. Ritchie
Lenoir-Rhyne University & Appalachian State University

“This is an important—and much needed—work for anyone wanting to work with these populations. Based on the latest empirical research, this book clearly addresses the issues facing LGBT individuals and their therapists in an objective and empathic manner. I highly recommend it."

Jeannie D. DiClementi
Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne

"Counseling LGBTI Clients is based on more empirical research than any other volume that exists on the topic of LGBTI individuals. This practical, easy-to-read guide challenges and changes beliefs about and attitudes toward each LGBTI subgroup, while preparing practitioners to provide sensitive, informed, and effective affirmative counseling to this largely misunderstood population. The volume is a comprehensive guide for both emerging practitioners and current practitioners, LGBTI individuals, and those who know them."

Sir Read a Lot
Sir Read a Lot
Sir Read a Lot

Developing a coures, and eventually, a specialization in LGBT issues in Counseling.

Dr Joel Filmore
College Of Education, Roosevelt University
March 13, 2013
Key features


  • The Counseling Considerations feature explores issues specifically relevant to each LGBTI subgroup.
  • Role-Playing Exercises provide an opportunity to practice in an engaging and effective manner, and to evaluate role-play performance.
  • The Challenging Your Attitudes and Beliefs About this Group feature helps students and clinicians to reflect upon their beliefs, attitudes, and values about a specific LGBTI group.
  • The Recent Research Focused on Other Societies feature explores cross-cultural differences between how LGBTI individuals present their identities in our culture as compared to other cultures.
  • The How Would You Help This Person? stimulates class discussion and guides students and clinicians to reflect on a case.
  • Reflections provide a counseling scenario, aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the counselor's intervention, in which the reader is asked to imagine that he or she is the client.
  • Chapter 9 offers a complete chapter on Intersex Individuals.
  • The Recent Research Focused on Canada section highlights some of the contributions of Canadian researchers.

Sample Materials & Chapters


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