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Countering Gender Violence

Countering Gender Violence
Initiatives Towards Collective Action in Rajasthan

First Edition

June 2018 | 380 pages | SAGE India
Using rural Rajasthan as a case study, the author of this volume explores some crucial issues relating to the lives of the women in this region, and concludes that understanding violence and responses to violence are strongly influenced by cultural contexts and norms.

The book: provides a theoretical framework by analyzing gender violence in the changing perspectives of development, health and human rights; examines the ways in which violence against women as been studied, and draws links between gender violence and power relations; analyzes the state's response to countering gender violence; discusses institutional measures and policy initiatives as mechanisms for redress and protection; provides case studies to illustrate these initiatives; and highlights the role of the three key Non-Government Oganizations (NGO's) in the state of Rajasthan, and their changing approaches over time to deal with the growing issues of gender violence.

Gender Based Violence
Changing Perspecives

Violence and Gender Relations in Rajasthan
An Overview

Moving from Private to the Public
State Response to Gender Violence

Struggles and Strategies
Reflections from Roop Kanwar to Bhanwari

Women's Development Programme
Critical Areas of Concern

Changing Attitudes: A Challenge
NGO Efforts in Rajasthan

Conclusion: Countering Gender Violence
Emerging Possibilities and Alternatives