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Creating Effective Teams

Creating Effective Teams
A Guide for Members and Leaders

Sixth Edition

August 2020 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A practical guide for building and sustaining top-performing teams  

Based on the authors' many years of consulting experience with teams in the public and private sectors, Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders describes why teams are important, how they function, and what makes them successful. The texts covers the four stages of team development —forming, storming, norming, and performing— to help readers effectively navigate these different phases. Separate chapters are devoted to the responsibilities of team leaders and team members. Susan A. Wheelan, Maria Akerlund, and Christian Jacobsson highlight common problems that occur frequently in groups as well as provide practical tips, real-life examples, and questionnaires to help address those problems.

Chapter 1: Why Groups?
Chapter 2: Effective Organizational Support for Teams
Chapter 3: From Groups to Teams: The Stages of Group Development
Chapter 4: How Do High Performance Teams Function?
Chapter 5: Effective Team Members
Chapter 6: Effective Team Leadership
Chapter 7: Navigating Stage 1
Chapter 8: Surviving Stage 2
Chapter 9: Reorganizing at Stage 3
Chapter 10: Sustaining High Performance
Chapter 11: Changes in Team Functioning
Chapter 12: Research on the Integrated Model of Group Development

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