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Creating Small Scale Social Programs

Creating Small Scale Social Programs
Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

Volume: 72

October 1997 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Built around a single case study, Creating New Agency Programs clearly illustrates how to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate a small scale social program. Each step in the planning process is introduced and described in a way that allows the reader to vicariously participate in the evolution of the program. Useful charts, time lines, and resource lists are included and can be easily referenced and utilized. This bookÆs emphasis on planning is important, not only because it is a much used and generally under-taught skill, but because successful planning is the process that can turn the dreams of a community into concrete reality. This book is geared toward designing programs to meet specific social needs and organizing the relevant and human resources to implement them. The programs are specific, detail, and activity orientedùbut are designed to support long-range goals, which may be handed down by a parent organization or the community in general. The authorÆs strategy of using a case study serves as a creative learning tool that leads readers through each practical step toward successfully creating their own small scale social program. Filling the void of literature on designing programs, Creating New Agency Programs is ideal for professionals and students in a variety fields--social work, human services, clinical/counseling psychology, drugs and alcohol, psychology, nursing, and management--who are faced with the task of planning, designing, and evaluating a program.

An Overview of Planning the Small Scale Program
Planning to Plan
Assembling the Tools

Meet the Planners from LIFT, Let Infants and Families Thrive
Trouble Shooting
Describing the Full Dimensions of a Problem

Magnifying the Gap
The Program Design Process

Translating Goals into Small, Systematic, Sequential Tasks and Setting Up Systems to Accomplish Them

Acting and Reacting
The Program in Action

Follow-Ups and Evaluations
Closing One Loop and Opening up the Next


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