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Crime and Criminal Behavior

Crime and Criminal Behavior

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May 2011 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Crime and Criminal Behavior delves into such hotly debated topics as age of consent, euthanasia and assisted suicide, gambling, guns, internet pornography, marijuana and other drug laws, religious convictions, and terrorism and extremism. From using a faking I.D. to assaulting one's domestic partner to driving drunk, a vast array of behaviors fit into the definition of criminal. The authors of these 20 chapters examine the historical contexts of each topic and offer arguments both for and against the ways in which legislators and courts have defined and responded to criminal behaviors, addressing the sometimes complex policy considerations involved. Sensitive subjects such as hate crimes are addressed, as are crimes carried out by large groups or states, including war crime and corporate crime. This volume also considers crimes that are difficult to prosecute, such as Internet crime and intellectual property crime, and crimes about which there is disagreement as to whether the behavior harms society or the individual involved (gun control and euthanasia, for example).

The Series

The five brief, issues-based books in SAGE Reference's Key Issues in Crime & Punishment Series offer examinations of controversial programs, practices, problems or issues from varied perspectives. Volumes correspond to the five central subfields in the Criminal Justice curriculum: Crime & Criminal Behavior, Policing, The Courts, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice.

Each volume consists of approximately 20 chapters offering succinct pro/con examinations, and Recommended Readings conclude each chapter, highlighting different approaches to or perspectives on the issue at hand. As a set, these volumes provide perfect reference support for students writing position papers in undergraduate courses spanning the Criminal Justice curriculum. Each title is approximately 350 pages in length.

Key features
  • An issues-based set covers the five major curricular areas of criminal justice:  crime and criminal behavior; police and law enforcement; courts, law and justice; corrections; and juvenile crime and justice.
  • Each volume of approximately 20 chapters offers succinct pro/con examinations of controversial programs, practices, problems, or issues from varied perspectives.
  • Recommended Readings conclude each chapter, highlighting different approaches to or perspectives on the issue at hand.
  • Authorship is comprised of eminent scholars and experts in the fields of criminology, police science, law, sociology, psychology, and other curricula.
  • An Introduction by the series General Editor sets the debate stage for the volume.
  • Availability in print and on-line enhances accessibility for students in their research journeys.

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