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Crime and Media

Crime and Media

Three Volume Set
Edited by:

April 2009 | 1 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The relationship between the media and crime is a topic of extremely lively debate and research internationally. With Yvonne Jewkes' background in both media studies and criminology, she introduces readers to the most salient themes and puts together the definitive collection on the topic. Crime and Media includes the most important and influential work from contemporary and classic literature that traverses media studies and criminology.

Volume I overviews the theoretical contours that have shaped the study of crime and the media and explores both production and consumption of crime-related media in the shape of news, documentary and current affairs, soap, sitcom, and docu-drama.
Volume II explores notions of 'newsworthiness' and considers the news values that underpin media representations of crime.
Volume III discusses the innovative media technologies and surveillance technologies that are changing all our lives.

Part 1: Media 'effects'
The Nature and Extent of the Panic

H. Cantril
Transmission of Aggression through Imitation of Aggressive Models

A. Bandura, D. Ross and S. A. Ross
Ten Things wrong with the "effects model"

D. Gauntlett
The Inventory

S. Cohen
Rethinking "Moral Panic" for Multi-Mediated Social Worlds

A. McRobbie and S. Thornton
On the Concept of Moral Panic

D. Garland
"Bringin' it all back home": Populism, media coverage and the dynamics of locality and globality in the politics of crime control

R. Sparks
Part 2: Audiences, Punitiveness and Fear of Crime
The Function of Fiction for the Punitive Public

A. King and S. Maruna
Red Tops, Populists and the Irresistible Rise of the Public Voice(s)

M. Ryan
Ethnicity, Information Sources, and Fear of Crime

J. Lane and J.W. Meeker
Public Sensibilities Towards Crime: Anxieties of affluence

E. Girling, I. Loader and R. Sparks
Communicating the Terrorist Risk: Harnessing a culture of fear?

G. Mythen and S. Walklate
How Media Has Changed Since "The Day That Changed Everything"

D. Schechter
Part 3: Ownership and Control
Culture, Communications and Political Economy

P. Golding and G. Murdock
Economic Conditions and Ideologies of Crime in the Media: A content analysis of crime news

M. Hickman Barlow, D.E. Barlow and T.G. Chiricos
Media Control: The spectacular achievements of propaganda

N. Chomsky
Watching what we Say: Global communication in a time of fear

T. Magder
Market or Party Controls?: Chinese media in transition

B.H. Winfield and Z. Peng
Guerrilla Tactics of Investigative Journalists in China

J. Tong
Rise of New Media

J. Curran
Penal Populism, the Media and Information Technology

J. Pratt
Part 1: Crime News
What Makes Crime News?

J. Katz
The Construction of Crime News

Y. Jewkes
Black Sheep and Rotten Apples: The press and police deviance

S. Chibnall
Crime as a Signal, Crime as a Memory

M. Innes
In re the Legal System

L.S. Chancer
Doing Newsmaking Criminology from within the Academy

G. Barak
Part 2 Victims and Offenders
Framing Homicide Narratives in Newspapers: Mediated witness and the construction of virtual victimhood

M. Peelo
Offending Media: The social construction of offenders, victims and the probation service

Y. Jewkes
The Rise and Rise of Imputed Filth

V. Alia and S. Bull
Crimewatch UK: Keeping women off the streets

C.K. Weaver
Reporting Violence in the British print Media: Gendered stories

B. Naylor
From Invisible to Incorrigible: The demonization of marginalized women and girls

M. Chesney-Lind and M. Eliason
Part 3: Media Representations of the Criminal Justice System
The Entertainment Media and the Social Construction of Crime and Justice

R. Surette
Trial by Fire: Media constructions of corporate deviance

G. Cavender and A. Mulcahy
Policing and the Media

R. Reiner
British Justice: Not suitable for public viewing?

D. Stepniak
Inside the American Prison Film

B. Jarvis
Television, Public Space and Prison Population: A commentary on Mauer and Simon

T. Mathiesen
Part 1: Crime and the Surveillance Culture
Surveillance Studies: An Overview

D. Lyon
Digital Rule: Punishment, control and technology

R. Jones
The Surveillant Assemblage

K.D. Haggerty and R.V. Ericson
What's New about the "new surveillance"? Classifying for Change and Continuity

G.T. Marx
You'll never Walk Alone: CCTV surveillance, order and neo-liberal rule in Liverpool city centre

R. Coleman and J. Sim
The Viewer Society: Michel Foucault's "Panopticon" revisited

T. Mathiesen
Part 2: Crime, Deviance and the Internet
The Emerging Consensus on Criminal Conduct in Cyberspace

M. Goodman and S. Brenner
Criminal Exploitation of Online Systems by Organised Crime Groups

K-K. R. Choo and R. Smith
The problem of Stolen Identity and the Internet

E. Finch
Approaching the Radical Other: The discursive culture of cyberhate

S. Zickmund
The Nature of Child Pornography

E. Quayle and M. Taylor
How Material are Cyberbodies? Broadband Internet and embodied subjectivity

L. Gies
Part 3: Crime Control in a Global, Virtual and Mediatized World
Controlling Cyberspace?

K.F. Aas
Cybercrimes and Cyberliberties: Surveillance, privacy and crime control

M. Yar
Catching Cyber-criminals: Policing the Internet

D. Wall
Why the Police don't Care about Cybercrime

M. Goodman
The Problem of Child Pornography on the Internet: International responses

Y. Jewkes and C. Andrews

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