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Cultural Economy

Cultural Economy
Cultural Analysis and Commercial Life

First Edition
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April 2002 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Phrases such as "corporate culture," "market culture" and the "knowledge economy," have now become familiar clarion calls in the world of work. They are calls that have echoed through organizations and markets. Clearly something is happening to the ways markets and organizations are being represented and intervened in and this signals a need to reassess their very constitution. In particular, the once clean divide that placed the economy, dealt with mainly by economists, on one side, and culture, addressed chiefly by those in anthropology, sociology and the other "cultural sciences," on the other, can no longer hold.

This volume presents the work of an international group of academics from a range of disciplines including sociology, media and cultural studies, social anthropology and geography, all of whom are involved not only in thinking "culture" into the economy but thinking culture and economy together.


Paul du Gay and Michael Pryke
Cultural Economy
An Introduction

John Law
Economics as Interference
John Allen
Symbolic Economies
The `Culturalization' of Economic Knowledge

Don Slater
Capturing Markets from the Economists
Paul Heelas
Work Ethics, Soft Capitalism and the `Turn to Life'
Angela McRobbie
From Holloway to Hollywood
Happiness at Work in the New Cultural Economy

Keith Negus
Identities and Industries
The Cultural Formation of Aesthetic Economies

Sean Nixon
Re-Imagining the Ad Agency
The Cultural Connotations of Economic Forms

Liz McFall
Advertising, Persuasion and the Culture/Economy Dualism
Daniel Miller
The Unintended Political Economy
Alan Warde
Production, Consumption and `Cultural Economy'
Nigel Thrift
Performing Cultures in the New Economy

Outstanding collection of contributions. Especially the Heelas text is very helpful in explaining the ethics of HRM, thank you!

Karen Sikkel
Stenden University opl HRM, CHN University of Professional Educ
February 10, 2010

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