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Culturally Alert Counseling

Culturally Alert Counseling
A Comprehensive Introduction

Third Edition
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520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Culturally Alert Counseling: A Comprehensive Introduction, Third Edition, is a readable introduction to the cultural dimensions of counseling and psychotherapy. Garrett McAuliffe along with national leaders in each topic provide an accessible, yet thorough, presentation of culturally alert counseling. This book broadens the discussion of culture from ethnicity and race to include social class, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. Of particular note, in the area of ethnicity, all five of the major U.S. pan-ethnic groupings are presented, as well as Middle Eastern and South Asian people. The Third Edition is also inclusive of all people, including both those in dominant and non-dominant cultural groups. Ultimately, readers will leave informed, moved, and changed by the encounters with culture that lie in these pages. They will also be ready to begin practice equipped with both a vision of the work and practical skills for implementing it.

Garrett J. McAuliffe
1. Introduction: Culture and Diversity Defined
Garrett J. McAuliffe
2. Culture: Clarifications and Complications
Tim Grothaus, Garrett J. McAuliffe, Mona Danner, & Lynn Doyle
3. Equity, Advocacy, and Social Justice
Garrett J. McAuliffe, Bryan S. K. Kim, and Yong S. Park
4. Ethnicity
Garrett J. McAuliffe, Tim Grothaus, & Edwin Gomez
5. Conceptualizing Race and Racism
Kathy M. Evans
6. African Americans
Bryan S. K. Kim, Yong S. Park, and Sherry C. Wang
7. East and Southeast Asian Americans
Michael T. Garrett, Cyrus Williams, Lisa Grayshield, Tarrell Awe Agahe Portman and J. T. Garrett
8. Culturally Alert Counseling with Native Americans
Adrianne Johnson, Tara Hill, Nancy Adams, Lee J. Richmond, and Mary H. Guindon
9. White Americans of European Decent
Julie Hakim-Larson, Sylvia Nassar, and Ashley D. Paterson
10. Counseling Americans of Middle Eastern/ North African (MENA) Ancestry
Edward A. Delgado-Romero, Jhokania De Los Santos, Cristalís Capielo Rosario, Jasmine J. Jenkins, and Rebekah Ingram Estevez
11. Latino/a Americans
Daya Singh Sandhu, Joshua Abrams, and Jayamala Madathil
12. Culturally Sensitive Counseling with South Asian Americans
Patricia Goodspeed Grant and Karen L. Mackie
13. Counseling and Social Class
Lori Notestine and Chris Leeth
14. Counseling Men and Women: Considering Gender and Sex
Dawn M. Szymanski and Rachel F. Carretta
15. Counseling Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients
Jesse Fox, Karen Eriksen, Shelley A. Jackson, and Chet Weld
16. Religion and Spirituality
Yvette Q. Getch, Christina R. Noel, and Adrianne L. Johnson
17. Counseling Individuals with Disabilities
Ben C. H. Kuo, Siqi Huang, Sara Keshavarzi, and Renee Taylor
18. Facilitating Cultural Transition: Counseling Immigrants and Refugees
Erin Popejoy
19. Counseling Military Populations
Garrett McAuliffe and Tim Grothaus
20. The Practice of Culturally Alert Counseling

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