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Culturally Proficient Coaching

Culturally Proficient Coaching
Supporting Educators to Create Equitable Schools

Second Edition

December 2019 | 272 pages | Corwin

About the Authors
Part I. Blending the Cultural Proficiency and Cognitive Coaching Frameworks
Chapter 1. A developmental Approach for Culturally Proficient Coaches
Chapter 2. Key Concepts from Cognitive Coaching and Cultural Proficiency
Chapter 3. Understanding Self in Diverse Settings
Chapter 4. The Mental Model of Culturally Proficient Coaching (MMCPC)
Chapter 5. Mission View: A Context for Culturally Proficient Coaching
Part II. Integrating the Essential Elements of Cultura Proficiency with the States of Mind
Chapte 6. Assessing Cultural Knowledge
Chapter 7. Valuing Diversity
Chapter 8. Managing the Dynamics of Difference
Chapter 9. Adapting to Diversity
Chapter 10. Institutionalizing Cultural Knowledge
Part III. Applying and Sustaining Culturally Proficient Coaching
Chapter 11. Developing a Personal Action Plan for Culturally Proficient Coaching
Appendix A
Appendix B
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Key features

Although the basic approach (alignment of the Cultural Proficiency and Cognitive Coaching frameworks) will be retained in the new edition, there are several important updates in the this latest edition:

(1) Chapters will reference additional, research-based coaching models where relevant.
(2) The authors will revise the self-assessment instruments in the previous editions
(3) This book will reference the latest versions of the Cultural Proficiency and Cognitive Coaching Frameworks, both of which have been updated since the publication of the first edition.
(4) This edition will include revised case studies that focus more specifically on using data as a point of improvement for practice.
(5) This edition will introduce the concept of "Breakthrough Questions" (a powerful idea that was introduced in later CP books)
(6) This edition will feature an all new District Action Plan
(7) This edition will address specific questions that have surfaced in the authors' consulting work in the years since the publication of the book, e.g.,

  • Now that we have coaches, on what should they focus?
  • Why should we train our coaches?
  • How do coaches fit in our overall instructional plan?
  • Our coaches have been assigned to "fix" teachers.  How can we change that focus?

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