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Culture, Psychotherapy, and Counseling

Culture, Psychotherapy, and Counseling
Critical and Integrative Perspectives

First Edition

October 2005 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Culture, Psychotherapy, and Counseling: Critical and Integrative Perspectives takes a comprehensive approach to culture as it relates to psychological practice. By viewing psychotherapy and counseling as science-based cultural enterprises, this book expands the understanding of culture in terms of the politics of identity, symbolic and practice meanings, moral ontology, and global realities. Editor Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand brings together a diverse group of authors to present different accounts and case examples of their work as practitioners to illustrate the integration of the personal with the professional. A variety of theoretical and clinical issues are discussed, including psychological trauma, depression, chronic illness, and other problems presented by clients for whom a culturally informed practice is essential.   

Key Features:

  • Offers a comprehensive framework for the integration of psychotherapy and counseling as a science-based cultural enterprise
  • Examines the social and moral implications of psychotherapy and counseling by applying feminist, hermeneutic, and relational perspectives
  • Includes case studies to demonstrate the culturally constructed nature of practice
  • Exposes readers to non-Western and holistic perspectives, such as Buddhist and Hawaiian psychology, to provide a global context of culture and identity in the contemporary world 
  • Provides a reflective, developmental approach to evaluating oneself and one’s work within the traditions of Western psychological theory and practice

Culture, Psychotherapy, and Counseling is an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on counseling and psychotherapy focusing on culture in the fields of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Social Work, and Psychiatry. It is also a valuable resource for psychotherapists, counseling practitioners, clinical social workers, psychiatrists, and other human service professionals.  Throughout the book, the authors critically examine the social and moral implications of psychotherapy and counseling, including applying feminist and hermeneutic perspectives to the therapeutic enterprise.  Suggestions are made for a culturally based integration of the field, followed by recommendations for training.

Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand
1. Thinking Through Culture
Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand
2. Culture and the Field of Psychotherapy and Counseling
John McLeod
3. Psychotherapy and Counselling as Cultural Work
Doralee Grindler Katonah
4. The Felt Sense as Avenue of Human Experiencing for Integrative Growth
William L. Mikulas
5. Integrating the World’s Psychologies
William C. Rezentes, III
6. Hawaiian Psychology
Dana Becker
7. Toward a Feminist Ecological Awareness
Susan H. Gere
8. A Woman’s View of Clinical Trauma Theory and Therapy
John Chambers Christopher
9. Hermeneutics and the Moral Dimension of Psychotherapy
Del Loewenthal
10. Cultural Conflict, Values, and Relational Learning in Psychotherapy
Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand
11. Summary and Conclusion
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An interesting book, excellent supplemental information to broaden subject knolwedge.

Miss Ali Manion
Health , Swindon College
November 6, 2012
Key features
  • A cogent argument for the integration of psychotherapeutic theory and practice.
  • Case studies to demonstrate the culturally constructed nature of practice.
  • Student/reader support (in Chapter 9) for the development of a critical personal framework to assess oneself and one's work within the inherited traditions of western theory and practice.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of the literature on culture, psychotherapy and counseling, with a discussion of psychotherapy integration and evidence-based practice.

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