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Cultures and Globalization

Cultures and Globalization
Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance

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May 2012 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Today is a new metropolitan age and for the first time ever more people live in cities than they do anywhere else. As cities strengthen their international and cultural influence, the global world is acted out most articulately in the world's urban hubs - through its diverse cultures, broad networks and innovative styles of governance. Looking at the city through its internal dynamics, the book examines how governance and cultural policy play out in a national and international framework.

Making a truly global contribution to the literature, editors Isar and Anheier bring together a truly international and highly-respected collection of scholars. In doing so, they skilfully steer debates beyond the city as an economic powerhouse, to cover issues that fully comprehend a city's cultural dynamics and its impact on policy including alternative economies, creativity, migration, diversity, sustainability, education and urban planning.

Innovative in its approach and content, this book is ideal for students, scholars and researchers interested in sociology, urban studies, cultural studies, and public policy.

Saskia Sassen
Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Michael Hoelscher and Helmut K. Anheier
Overarching Issues
Cities as Geopolitical Spaces for the Global Governance of Culture

Katharine Sarikakis
Communication Networks, Cities and the Informal Economies

Ramon Lobato
Challenges of Governance in Multi-Ethnic Cities

Phil Wood
Cities and Universities: A Virtual Cultural Policy Nexus

Dragan Klaic
Cities, Culture and Sustainable Development

Nancy Duxbury, Catherine Cullen and Jordi Pascual
City Branding

Lily Kong
Competing Cities and Spectacularizing Urban Landscapes

Davide Ponzini
The Creative Cities Discourse: Production and/or Consumption?

Stuart Cunningham
The Creative City: Compelling and Contentious

Charles Landry
City Experiences
The Production of Culture: Abu Dhabi's Urban Strategies

Yasser Elsheshtawy
Amsterdam: A Multi-Cultural Capital of Culture

Simin Davoudi and Wil Zonneveld
Creative City, City Marketing, Creative Industries and Cultural Policy: Challenges for Antwerp

Annick Schramme and Katia Segers
'Creative Governance' in Berlin?

Janet Merkel
Brazzaville: A Global Village of African Culture

Patrice Yengo
Spectacularizing Fès

Justin McGuinness
Reshaping, Installing, Pioneering, Spearheading... Re-aalignment of Istanbul

Asu Aksoy and Kevin Robins
Johannesburg: Investing in Cultural Economies or Publics?

Edgar Pieterse and Kim Gurney
Rich but Divided ... the Politics of Cultural Policy in London

Kate Oakley
The Cultural Mapping of L'viv

Ihor Savchak and Linda Knudsen McAusland
MarseilleS-Provence 2013: Cultural Capital, but for What Kind of Europe and under Which Globalization?

Ferdinand Richard
Medellin: Tales of Fear and Hope

Octavio Arbeláez Tobón
Melbourne and Brisbane: The Claims of Suburbs

Terry Flew and Mark Gibson
Mexico City: Cultural Policies, Governance and Civil Society

Lucina Jiménez
Mumbai: Historic Preservation by Citizens

Abha Narain Lambah
New York City: City Culture as Public Display

David Halle and Louise Mirrer
Paris: A Process of Metropolitanization

Stephen W Sawyer and Mathias Rouet
São Paulo: Rich Culture, Poor Access

Maria Carolina Vasconcelos-Oliveira
Shanghai: Images of Modernity

Justin O'Connor and Xin Gu
Torino: A Change of Skin and More

Luca Dal Pozzolo
Vancouver: The Enigmatic Emerging Cultural Metropolis

Catherine Murray and Tom Hutton
Venice, Reloaded? A Tale of Urban Life (and Death)

Pier Luigi Sacco
Cultures and Cities: Some Policy Implications

Yudhishthir Raj Isar
Ethnographic Snapshots: Visions of Cities

Mieka Ritsema

The cultural presence in struggles around political, economic, technical, and legal issues centered in the realities of cities can become catalysts for changes in a whole range of institutional domains - markets, participatory governance, judicial recourse, cultures of engagement and deliberation, and rights for members of the urban community regardless of lineage and origin. The resurgence of the city as a site for research on these major contemporary dynamics is evident in many different disciplines - sociology, anthropology, economic geography, cultural studies, and literary criticism... This volume is a significant contribution to this larger body of research and interpretation... It opens new ground for research, interpretation and policy making in our emergent global urban era
From the Foreword by Saskia Sassen

Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University

It is in cities that the multifaceted intersections of culture and globalization are most keenly felt, and most creatively responded to. Comprehensive in thematics and ambitious in scope, this volume is an essential guidebook to understanding the shaping and making of culture and cultural policy in our urbanised world
Ien Ang
Director, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney

This is a significant volume that firmly situates the discussion about globalization, cultural production and the challenges for policy formulation in the dynamic, slippery and ever shifting terrain of the contemporary urban condition
Rahul Mehrotra
Professor and Chair, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

The fifth volume in the “Cultures and Globalization” series, Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance, edited by Helmut Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj Isar, continues to address the various facets that result from the intersection of culture and globalisation... Throughout the book it is clear that the editors have taken great pains to demonstrate the speed with which the new “glocal” culture has come to dominate cultural policy decisions and the direction of governance, ensuring that debates and information are as up to date as possible. When we come to the city case studies the same is true, with the key issues faced by London referencing the 2011 riots, and the impact of the growing global financial crisis... Overall, a great introduction to an interesting collection of ideas, which should give the reader the impetus they need to explore further.

Rebecca Litchfield
LSE Review of Books

The book provides a variety of case studies from cities all over the world and a good overview of key concepts in urban cultural governance. The short articles appeal to students and make the book ideal in an undergraduate discussion-based class.

Dr Helene Ducros
Interdiscipline Dept, Elon University
November 27, 2014

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