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Deeper Learning Through Technology

Deeper Learning Through Technology
Using the Cloud to Individualize Instruction

February 2015 | 176 pages | Corwin

Use the Cloud to Individualize Your Instruction and Watch Your Students Thrive!

The advent of cloud-stored data that can be entered, changed, and accessed anywhere is a development full of potential for today’s classroom.

This book is the all-in-one resource you need to be sure your students reap the fullest rewards from cloud-based developments. Teacher and top ed-blogger Ken Halla explains:

  • Strategies for leveraging the cloud to create a self-paced, learner-centered classroom
  • How to take advantage of tech tools to facilitate learning
  • Real-life case studies and activities to ensure an enjoyable implementation experience.

Stay ahead of the curve with Ken Halla’s strategies, which you can implement the next morning.

"Halla's book, written from practitioner experience, provides practical and simple integration techniques that will assist both novice and experienced teachers incorporate technology to enhance student learning."
—Eric Sheninger, author of Digital Leadership, Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

“This is a must read--a detailed nuts and bolts guide to classroom tools in the cloud."
—Michael B. Horn, Co-Founder and Director, Christensen Institute
Author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.

"Whether you are an ed tech veteran or just getting started, Halla's book will help you tailor learning to meet the needs of your students. This book will help you create the learner-focused classroom you want to build!  A must-have resource for today's teachers!" 
—Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist

Part I: The Teacher as Leader of the Digital Classroom
1. Our Changing Digital World
Touring the Internet  
Becoming Responsible Digital Citizens  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Challenges  
2. Teacher Collaboration: Online Professional Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities  
Expanding Your PLCs to Social Media  
Using Twitter to Build Your PLC  
Using Google+ as a PLC Resource  
Expand Your PLC by Following Bloggers  
Bookmarking in the Cloud  
Some Closing Thoughts on Online PLCs  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Challenges  
3. Storing and Sharing in the Cloud
Google Drive Techniques for the Classroom  
Refining Google Drive Documents  
Beyond Documents  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Challenges  
Part II: The Self-Paced Student
4. The Self Paced Anchor: Flipping the Classroom
What is Flipping?  
What to Flip  
Making Your Own Screencast  
Creating a YouTube Playlist  
Learning From a Flipped Video Lecture  
The Flipped Classroom  
Flipped Class Resources  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Challenges  
5. Interactive Assignments
Creating Interactive Assignments  
Resources for Creating Interactive Assignments  
What to Do when Technology Devices are Lacking in Your Schools  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Examples  
6. Student Collaboration: Engaging Students With Mobile Learning
Making the Case for the Smartphone in the Classroom  
Engaging Your Students With Cooperative Groups  
Other Tools to Engage Students  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Examples  
7. Formative and Summative Assessment of Student Learning
Formative and Summative Evaluations  
Preparing for the Formative and Summative Evaluations  
Online Tools for Conducting Formative Assessments  
Classroom Examples  
Educator Challenges  
8. Looking Forward Into the Present
Classroom Example: Morrisville, NC  
Educator Challenges  

"The author has made it easy for the teacher to work electronic devices into the classroom and prepare the students for a student-led classroom. The book is so organized that beginners can have success in a short amount of time. Students and teachers will love it."

Susan Harmon, Technology and Science Instructor
Neodesha Jr/Sr. High School, Neodesha, KS

"This book provides a focus that is missing from most integration related resources. It focuses on changing instruction. Teachers will not be intimidated by the rationale and ideas the author presents. The examples are realistic, applicable, and easily reproducible by teachers. "

John Lustig, Technology Director
Saint Peter Public Schools, St. Peter, MN

"I am not just reading. I am learning on the spot. I can go to my classroom tomorrow and use information I learned about while reading. Our students love to use technology. Why not motivate them by using what they enjoy so much? This book will provide powerful information on how to engage your students with technology."

Tamara Daugherty, Third Grade Teacher
Lakeville Elementary, Apopka, FL

"Need to help your students become a 21st Century Learner? Look no further! This book is all you need and you too will learn something new!"

Gina Powell, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Essex County Public Schools, Tappahannock, VA

"I am thrilled to have a copy of this book and want to get it into the hands of my principal, tech teacher, and colleagues. It is straight-forward, well-organized, and a smart approach to developing 21st century expertise in educators of every level. We need this book in my school system. If I had the power, I would order a copy for every employee and then set about forming PLNs for its use."

April Keck DeGennaro, Teacher
Peeples Elementary School, Fayetteville, GA

"With technology evolving at a furious pace, teachers are often overwhelmed with how to begin.  Ken Halla's book, written from firsthand practitioner experience, provides practical and simple integration techniques that will assist both novice and more experienced teachers incorporate technology to enhance student learning."

Eric Sheninger, author of Digital Leadership, Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

"One of the most common complaints I hear from students is that their teachers don’t understand how to effectively use technology to enhance learning. However, Ken Halla has become one of the most highly-regarded teachers in our community as a result of his work engaging students in new ways, so much so that his trending hashtags on Twitter consistently inspire students to delve more deeply into course content outside of the classroom. I am so glad he has written this book to help other teachers and administrators learn from his successes."

Ryan McElveen, At-large Member
Fairfax County (VA) School Board

"This is a great book for all educators. Spending time to learn how to employ technology tools for the classroom, especially when they are simple and free, saves hours of time per week and ultimately makes teachers’ lives much easier, so they can spend more time doing what they love--teaching."

Brett Kopf, Co-Founder

"For teachers grappling with the rise of online learning in schools, this is a must read--a detailed nuts and bolts guide to classroom tools in the cloud."

Michael B. Horn, Co-Founder and Director, Christensen Institute
Author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.

"Ken Halla is a teacher committed to improving his craft by learning and interacting with other educators. His dedication to enhancing instructional practice and meeting the needs of every student through the integration of technology is well documented in this book. It is a must read for any educator interested in meeting the needs of 21st Century students."

John Kellogg, Superintendent
Westerville (OH) City School District
Key features

This book will help you bring a revolution in learning to your classroom! You will learn how to:

  • Expand your Professional Learning Community (PLC) beyond your school or district’s boundaries.  This will help you generate amazing new ideas with the advice of the many online leaders you will find by following the suggestions in this book.  
  • Individualize instruction, tailoring learning to the pace and needs of each student. You will be better able to differentiate and also have more one on one time with each student.
  • Tackle new tech tools so that you can create a learner-centered, self-paced classroom. You will find chapters filled with easy to understand bullet points that will help you ease into new tools or explore previously known tools in more depth.
  • Find real classroom examples that show you how you too can implement the strategies described in the book.
  • Be challenged. Each chapter contains five Educator Challenges to help you focus on changing your classroom as slowly or as quickly as you feel appropriate.

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