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Developing as an Educational Leader and Manager

Developing as an Educational Leader and Manager

October 2014 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

'This book is refreshing and distinctive.  It takes the individual as the starting-point and builds outwards from there, to the vital but often neglected interpersonal dimension and the turbulent contexts of modern education.  Vignettes help to make the theory concrete and activities bring the reader right into the frame.' Ron Glatter, Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration and Management, The Open University and Hon. President of BELMAS

Effective leadership combines organisational skills and personal qualities. Building on notions of leadership at all levels, this book contains an invaluable bank of creative ideas to help teachers already in management positions, as well as those just starting out, to reflect on their personal and leadership development.

With a focus on organisational improvement and leading strategically within changing policy contexts, chapters interrogate key leadership issues such as managing people, values and context. Examples from the UK and internationally further demonstrate how to develop as a successful and sustainable leader.

Content includes:

·        the influence of local and national contexts;

·        accountability;

·        working with stakeholders across boundaries and borders;

·        approaches to change;

·        becoming a strategic leader; 

·        the educational leader as researcher.

This is an essential resource for practising and aspiring educational leaders and managers and students on postgraduate or personal development courses, in the UK and internationally.

Section One- Evolving as an educational leader and manager
Becoming and staying an educational leader
Ways of thinking about leadership
Evolving as a leader- working with what you have
Organisations and leadership
Section Two - Leaders and the context
Power in context
Crafting the context
Leadership development in teams
Personal leadership challenges
Section Three- Leading across boundaries
Boundaries and change
Strategic leadership, change and communities
Managing stakeholders and partnership boundaries
Knowing your own boundaries - the capable leader
Section Four – The educational leader as researcher
Becoming a leadership researcher
Further study – choices and challenges
Researching in your own organisation
Section Five - Moving forward
The personal side of leadership
Leadership challenges and opportunities

The book presents a number of creative ideas to help students, teachers and leaders engage with their role as a leader. It would be useful help students gain a clear understanding of the leadership role, and would make good support reading.

Dr Marguerita Magennis
Education , Univ of Limerick, Mary Immaculate Coll
March 5, 2015

Important text for those in management positions who are considering the educational element of their role as well as for those whose primary role is as educational leader. Readable and practical.

Miss Christine Hibbert
Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
February 13, 2015

This book will be suitable for our PGCE students who are already experienced in a prior career and will probably want to take on leadership roles fairly rapidly in school. It is a clear overview of what those roles may entail, and it gives good examples as a prompt for discussions.

Mrs Amanda Wilkinson
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
January 6, 2015

Book was based on schools and i was looking for some information regarding HE or training centres for school leavers. Although some of the information was transferable i felt this book would be suitable specifically for the school enviroment.

Mrs Laura Castles
Management, Torfaen Training
December 9, 2014

A great resource for educational leaders seeking to develop an understanding of their own practice through their leadership journey and their own personal leadership narrative; Crawford tackles a range of issues within educational leadership with practical experiences, theoretical underpinning and useful think points, reflection points and vignettes to explore meaning.

Miss Fiona Creaby
Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
October 20, 2014

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