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Developing Gestalt Counselling

Developing Gestalt Counselling

November 1997 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Supportive yet challenging, this volume contains 30 useful hints and reminders to help both students and professionals in counseling examine and improve key areas of ther work. Developing Gestalt Counseling encourages counselors to focus on areas that they feel need special attention by covering topics such as relationship and dialogue, assessment in the Gestalt approach; contact, awareness, proactivity, and responsibility; and experimental and creative methods. Author Jennifer Mackewn provides an easy-to-read and informative book for readers who are already familiar with the fundamentals of counseling and have begun work with clients in counseling psychology and social work settings.

A Field Theoretical and Relational Model of Contemporary Integrative Gestalt

Attending to Beginnings
Initial Conditions and Existential Meeting

Exploring the Client's Context and Culture
Developing a Dialogic Relationship as a Crucible for Self Development
Observing Process, Developing Diagnostic Perspectives and Therapeutic Strategies
Exploring Awareness and Contact
Integrating Experimental, Creative and Transpersonal Dimensions
Working with Embodiment, Energy and `Resistance'
Attending to the Background Features and Processes in Clients' Lives
Shaping Counselling over Time
Simplicity, Complexity and Paradox in Gestalt Counselling and Therapy


`In this eminently sensible, practical and thought-provoking book, Jennifer Mackewn takes gestalt light years forwards towards a synthesis and integration of psychological styles and away from what she describes as "Perlism". I agree with her: this is a book for therapists, not principally for gestaltists... In inviting the reader to "pick and choose" from the many and varied, always practical, hands-on approach chapters... Jennifer Mackewn hopes we will both enjoy her book and find it of use. This reader, commending the book to you all, has no doubt that both her hopes will be fulfilled' - Self & Society

This book is essential reading for students or counsellors exploring this approach. The book includes important topics, is very well organised and it is a pleasure to read.

Mrs Hilary McNair
Kent Adult Education, Kent Adult Education
October 30, 2016

This is one of two textbooks we use in our Gestalt Therapy modules.

Gus Murray
Social and General Studies, Cork Institute of Technology
December 14, 2015

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