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Developing Skills and Knowledge for Social Work Practice

Developing Skills and Knowledge for Social Work Practice

Second Edition
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March 2020 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This very practical guide will teach students everything they need to know to successfully apply theory, methods and approaches in real-life practice. It will assist in developing and hone their skills to make the best start in their practice placement and beyond as a newly qualified practitioner.

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Part I: Core Skills
1. Person-Centred Communication
2. Active Listening Skills
3. Communicating with Children
4. Emotionally Intelligent Social Work
5. Developing Empathic Skills
6. Reflection and Reflexivity
7. Understanding Values, Ethics and Human Rights
8. Valuing Difference and Diversity
9. Resilience and Self Care
10. Time Management
Part II: Skills for Assessment and Interventions
11. Assessment Skills
12. Interviewing Skills
13. A Positive Approach to Safeguarding: Risk in Humane Social Work
14. Working with Service Users and Carers
15. Building Resilience in Service Users
16. Conflict Management and Resolution
17. Research-Informed Practice
18. Writing Skills for Practice
19. Inter-Professional Practice and Working Together
20. Maximising Supervision
21. Review and Evaluation
22. Court Skills - Dawn Whitaker
Part III: Key Social Work Theories and Methods
23. Strengths-Based and Solution-Focused Approaches
24. Systems Theory and an Ecological Approach
25. Narrative Social Work
26. Task-Centred Social Work Practice
27. Person-Centred Social Work
28. Group work - Michaela Rogers
29. Attachment Theory: Examining Maternal Sensitivity Scales
30. Grief and Loss
31. Crisis Intervention
32. The Social Models of Disability and Distress
33. Social Work Activism

An all rounder in enhancing skills and knowledge for social work practice.

Ms Fungisai Mushawa
Department of Social Work and Health, Nottingham Trent University
May 1, 2020

New to this edition:
- Chapter 9: Resilience and Self-Care
- Chapter 10: Time Management
- Chapter 25: Narrative Social Work
- Chapter 30: Grief and Loss
-Chapter 33: Social Work Activism
- Glossary terms highlighted in bold (glossary can be found online)

On the website:
- New SAGE Video selections for most chapters, with accompanying discussion questions
- New additional 'How to...' guides
- Updated journal articles
- New glossary

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