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Developing Your Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills and Practice

Developing Your Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills and Practice

January 2011 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book offers a helping hand to trainees wishing to make the transition to the next level in their counseling and psychotherapy training. With wide-ranging content closely aligned to actual practice, this intermediate level text covers the research-informed skills, interventions, processes and issues that students need to know once they've covered the basics. It includes:

  • specific techniques from different therapeutic orientations
  • how to tailor the skills or approach used to the specific client problem
  • case conceptualization and management
  • therapeutic alliance; establishing and exploring the relationship
  • ethics
  • multidisciplinary working
  • how to deal with situations such as silence, crying, and aggression

Integrating cognitive, behavioral, person-centered/experiential and psychodynamic approaches, the author provides research-informed practical instructions on how to deliver therapy and includes extracts from counseling sessions to demonstrate the skills in action.

This is essential reading for graduates studying Counseling and Psychotherapy, and will also be of benefit to Clinical and Counseling Psychology students.

Ladislav Timulak is course director of the Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin. He previously worked at the University of Trnava, Slovakia, and has extensive research and practical experience in the field of counseling and psychotherapy, as well as experience in conducting psychotherapy and counseling psychology training.

Current Psychotherapy and Counselling
Building the Therapeutic Alliance
Case Conceptualization
Ethical Aspects of Psychotherapy and Counselling
Interventions, Facilitating, Exploration and Understanding
Promotion of Change and Its Application outside the Therapy Session
Specific Therapeutic Techniques
Specific Situations in the Process of Therapy
Specifics of Psychotherapy and Counselling for Some Psychological Disorders and Difficulties

"Developing Your Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills and Practice fills the void between books that cover basic counseling skills and those that cover specific methods in depth. For the trainee or clinician who asks 'I am sitting in front of my client, now what do I do next?', Timulak's book will provide that answer."

Paul Jerry, Psychologist & Associate Professor, Athabasca University

This is a great book with in depth ideas for developing skills.

Miss nicola lord
department of health, preston collage
September 16, 2015

Excellent introduction especially for students engaging with counselling training and practice for the first time -

Mr Paul King
School of Education Studies, Dublin City University (DCU)
June 15, 2012

This is an extremely useful, lucidly written book. The sections on specific situations in counselling, such as using silence and working with someone who is crying, will be very helpful to students who find these situations challenging and initimidating.

Ms Kate Ward-Perkins
Counselor Education , Reading University
August 12, 2011

Kottler text was more comprehensive

Dr Terry Lane
Counselor Education , acadia university
June 24, 2011

It is a good book however, it does not resonate with the focus on person centred counselling that I do here.

Mr Baljeet Gill
Youth and Community, Ruskin College Oxford
May 17, 2011

A down to earth, refreshing look at counselling skills, pitched at the right level for third year undergraduate students. A good read!

Mrs Valerie Sanders
Counselor Education , University of Greenwich
May 11, 2011

This book covers really important aspects of reflective practice and will be useful both for developing skills early in training and for refelction at a more advanced level on ethical dilemmas and specific practice issues.

Ms Jane Macaskie
School of Healthcare, Leeds University
March 3, 2011

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