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Diary Methods

Diary Methods

  • John B Nezlek - College of William and Mary, USA, College of William & Mary, VA, College of William & Mary, USA

July 2012 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Diary Methods is a key method used by social and personality psychologists in their research. This volume begins with a rationale for Diary Methods, especially as applied to these fields, and then proceeds in a non-technical, very accessible fashion to elucidate on how the method can and should be applied in research. The author, John B. Nezlek, is a known protagnost of the diary method in his own scholarly work and has written this title in an invitational way for the beginning user to this method.

This text will be perfect for all advanced students and researchers in social and personality psychology using Diary Methods as part of their studies or research.


Designing a Study
Diary-Level Measures
Data Preparation
Multilevel Analyses of Diary Data: An Overview
Multilevel Analyses of Diary Data: Some Applications and Advanced Topics
Other Data Analytic Strategies: Measures of Instability
In Conclusion and Some Thoughts about the Future
Appendix 1: Sample Social Interaction Diary Instructions
Appendix 2: Diary-Level Measures

This is only one aspect of the course - hence it can only be recommended - however its focus is unique and therefore very useful.

Ms Jo Trelfa
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August 30, 2012

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