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Discourse and Organization

Discourse and Organization

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November 1998 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This major work from renowned scholars in the field analyzes the role of language and symbolic media and show how this enables us to move to new levels of understanding of contemporary organizational issues. Chapters examine the role and growing importance of discourse in the study of organizations; the relationship between discourse, action, and interaction and their impact on organizational structure and behavior; the analytical potential of the "store" as a means of illuminating the ways in which organizational members make sense of their experience of organization; the fundamental significance of linguistic usage and discursive construction to the ontologies of "organization." Finally, a concluding discourse explores the claims and limitations of organizational discourse as a means of enriching our understanding of organization.

David Grant, Tom Keenoy and Cliff Oswick
Organizational Discourse: Of Diversity, Dichotomy and Multi-Disciplinarity

Robert J Marshak
A Discourse on Discourse
Redeeming the Meaning of Talk

Jill Woodilla
Workplace Conversations
The Text of Organizing

Iain L Mangham
Emotional Discourse in Organizations
Cynthia Hardy, Thomas B Lawrence and Nelson Phillips
Talk and Action
Conversations and Narrative in Interorganizational Collaboration

Yiannis Gabriel
Same Old Story or Changing Stories? Folkloric, Modern and Postmodern Mutations
Miriam Salzer-M[um]orling
As God Created the Earth... A Saga That Makes Sense?
Anne Wallemacq and David Sims
The Struggle with Sense
Gibson Burrell
Linearity, Control and Death
Gerrit Broekstra
An Organization Is a Conversation
Didier Cazal and Dawn Inns
Metaphor, Language and Meaning
Mike Reed
Organizational Analysis as Discourse Analysis
A Critique

Richard Dunford and Ian Palmer
Discourse, Organizations and Paradox

`The book represents a gold mine of references on the subject and should appeal to those academics organizing a research methods course for postgraduate students of business and management. An interesting and at times complex book, which contains a lot of intellectually stimulating material and deserves a place in every library' - British Academy of Management News

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