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Doing Quantitative Research in Education with IBM SPSS Statistics

Doing Quantitative Research in Education with IBM SPSS Statistics

Third Edition
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June 2022 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This essential guide for education students and researchers explains how to use quantitative methods for analysing educational data using IBM SPSS Statistics.

By using datasets from real-life educational research, it demonstrates key statistical techniques that you will need to know, explaining how each procedure can by run on IBM SPSS Statistics. Datasets discussed in the book are downloadable, allowing you to hone your skills as you read. 

In this third edition, explanations have been updated with figures and screenshots from SPSS version 28, alongside a range of new research examples and updated further reading.
Daniel Muijs is Dean of the Faculty of Education and Society at Academica University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.

Chapter 1. Introduction to quantitative research
Chapter 2. Experimental and quasi-experimental research
Chapter 3. Designing non-experimental studies
Chapter 4. Validity, reliability and generalisability
Chapter 5. Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics and the data set
Chapter 6. Univariate statistics
Chapter 7. Bivariate analysis: comparing two groups
Chapter 8. Bivariate analysis: looking at the relationship between two variables
Chapter 9. Multivariate analysis: using regression models to look at the relationship between several predictors and one dependent variable
Chapter 10. Using analysis of variance to compare more than two groups
Chapter 11. Developing scales and measures: item and factor analysis
Chapter 12. One step beyond: introduction to multilevel modelling and structural

This is a very good reading resource for modules with research and literature review aspects.

Mrs Josephine D Morris
Interdiscipline, Winchester University
August 3, 2022

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