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Dynamic Patterns in Communication Processes

Dynamic Patterns in Communication Processes

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May 1996 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Despite the general acknowledgment that communication is a process rather than a condition, there has been little systematic examination of dynamic processes within the context of communication studies. Dynamic Patterns in Communication Processes looks at these processes within the field as a whole, drawing from many unexplored connections within the discipline. Using data rather than simulation this work discusses the most timely topics in communication today. The first part of the book focuses on the methodological and theoretical significance of communication events or states that vary regularly or in some distinct pattern over time. The second part is a compilation of current theories and research based on the ideas of cycling and dynamic patterns that occur in diverse communication settings. Scholars and professionals in mass communication and interpersonal communication will appreciate the way this volume addresses topics relevant to both fields. Those in research methods, organizational communication, and psychology will also value the insights this book has to offer.

C Arthur VanLear and James H Watt
A Partial Map to a Wide Territory
C Arthur VanLear
Communication Process Approaches and Models
Patterns, Cycles, and Dynamic Coordination

Peter R Monge and Michael E Kalman
Sequentiality, Simultaneity, and Synchronicity in Human Communication
Robert B Arundale
Indexing Pattern over Time
Criteria for Studying Communication as a Dynamic Process

Mark Douglas West and Frank A Biocca
Dynamic Systems in Continuous Audience Response Measures
Clifford Nass and Youngme Moon
Localized Autocorrelation Diagnostic Statistic (LADS) for Time-Series Models
Conceptualization, Computation, and Utilization

James H Watt
Analyzing Cyclical Effects in Experimental Designs
Steven R Corman
Cellular Automata as Models of Unintended Consequences of Organizational Communication
Noshir S Contractor and Susan J Grant
The Emergence of Shared Interpretations in Organizations
A Self-Organizing Systems Perspective

George A Barnett and Sung Ho Cho
Predicting Television Viewing
Cycles, the Weather, and Social Events

Jeanne M Meadowcroft
Attention Span Cycles
Stan A Kaplowitz and Edward L Fink
Cybernetics of Attitudes and Decisions
Eugene H Buder
Dynamics of Speech Processes in Dyadic Interaction
Rebecca M Warner
Coordinated Cycles in Behavior and Physiology during Face-to-Face Social Interactions
Joseph N Cappella
Dynamic Coordination of Vocal and Kinesic Behavior in Dyadic Interaction
Methods, Problems, and Interpersonal Outcomes


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