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Energy Economics and the Environment

Energy Economics and the Environment
Conservation, Preservation and Sustainability

Edited by:
  • Mohammad Yonus Bhat - Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and International Business, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.
  • Hiranmoy Roy - Associate and Professor & HoD, Department of Economics and International Business, School of Business, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • M. S. Bhatt - Former Professor of Economics , Department of Economics Jamia Millia Islamia Jamia Nagar

September 2021 | 356 pages | SAGE India

Energy is a basic prerequisite for the growth and development of national wealth. Based on primary research, Energy Economics and the Environment integrates a network of diverse disciplines to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the constantly neglected challenges associated with conservation, preservation and sustainability of environment and energy. It highlights the issues and prospects in safeguarding environmental biodiversity and renewable energy efficiency, ecosystem chains and human living standards. This book studies the vulnerability associated with global climate alterations that limits direct social and economic benefits from ecosystem goods and services, and presents significant methods through illustrative case studies to tackle energy and environmental questions. In its final analysis, the book proposes possible unconventional mitigation strategies to restore sustainable biodiversity of ecosystems.

Sulakshana Rao C. and R. Balasubramanian
Ecosystem Services: Concepts, Methods and Synthesis of Valuation Techniques
Narendra Nath Dalei and Yamini Gupt
Indigenous Knowledge for Ecological Resilience from Pre-Mining Period of a Mined-Out Area
Jaweriah Hazrana
Natural Resources: Classification, Scarcity and Management
Mohammad Younus Bhat and Arfat Ahmad Sofi
Economics of Bioenergy in India
Debasis Poddar
Energy Governance in India: A Conundrum of Competing Claims
Md Hafiz Iqbal
Waste-based Power Generation Supply Chain: A Case Study
Karthick Radhakrishnan, Aparna Radhakrishnan and Niti Saxena
Rural Household Decision-Making about Water Consumption
Afkar Ahmad and Aounkar Anand
Coal Mining: Development of Eco Parks
Tapaswini Nayak and Indrani Roy Chowdhury
Environmental Externality to Human Health Near the Coal Mining Area
Bhartendu Kumar Chaturvedi, Atri Nautiyal and Mohammed Yaqoot
Global Sustainability Shift and Hydropower Development
Shakir ul Hassan
Man-Nature Relationship in South Asia
Rakhi Dawar, Mohammad Younus Bhat and Aswani R. S.
Domino-effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity, Food Security and Oceanic Acidification
Zoya Khan
Exploring the Sustainability of Urban Sanitation Models
Hiranmoy Roy and Tarun Dhingra
CO2 Emission, Energy Consumption and Human Development Nexus in BRICS
Jasleen Kaur and M. S. Bhatt
The Multidimensionality of Water Scarcity

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ISBN: 9789353883102

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