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Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses

Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses
Step by Step

Second Edition
Edited by:

July 2018 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This little book is an ideal clinical skills reference for nursing students and junior health care practitioners. Its easy to navigate design and step-by-step approach allows for information to be accessed quickly to help students review skills while on placement and prepare for their OSCE exams.

- Essential equipment tick lists helps ensure students know what they need to perform clinical skills.

- All fields of nursing are covered with tips throughout to help students support every patient group.

- Introduces different approaches to performing clinical skills in community and acute settings to help students and new practitioners feel confident performing the skill in any situation.

Rose Gallagher
Chapter 1: Infection Prevention and Control
Using hand sanitizer  
When to remove your gloves and why  
Rose Gallagher
Chapter 2: Aseptic Technique and Specimen Collection
Principles of asepsis  
Common steps for the collection of all types of specimen  
Taking a wound swab  
Collecting a faeces specimen  
Collecting a urine specimen  
Collecting a sputum sample  
Taking a nasal swab  
Taking a throat swab  
Valerie Foley
Chapter 3: Clinical Measurement
Common steps for all clinical measurements  
Counting a respiratory rate  
Measuring SPO2  
Measuring a pulse rate  
Automated blood pressure measurement  
Manual blood pressure measurement  
Measuring capillary refill time  
Measuring body temperature  
Blood glucose monitoring  
Ann Kettyle
Chapter 4: Pain Management
Undertaking a pain assessment  
Irene Anderson and Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 5: Skin Integrity
Principles of caring for a patient with a wound  
Pressure related injuries - quick reference guide  
Dianne Steele
Chapter 6: Safer Handling of People
Efficient movement principles  
A safe way of working when moving a patient  
Chapter 7: First Aid Chris Mulryan and Catherine Delves-Yates
The recovery position  
ABCDE summary actions  
Management of choking  
AVPU assessment  
Carol Hall and Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 8: Medicines Administration
Administering medication (oral or topical route)  
Administering a subcutaneous injection  
Administering an intramuscular injection  
Chapter 9: Assisting Patients with their Nutritional Needs Kate Goodhand and Jane Ewen
Common steps for all nutrition-related skills  
Weighing a patient  
Assisting a patient to eat and drink  
Passing a nasogastric tube  
Confirmation of position of a nasogastric tube  
Maintaining a nasogastric tube  
Removing a nasogastric tube  
Caring for a PEG (pertcutaneous endoscopic gastronomy)  
Stoma care  
Peripheral vascular cannula care  
Chapter 10: Assisting Patients with their Elimination Needs Mairead Collie, David J. Hunter and Valerie Foley
Common steps for all elimination-related skills  
Assessing bowel function  
Assisting a patient to use a bedpan, urinal or commode  
Performing catheter care  
Emptying a patient's catheter bag  
Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 11: Assisting Patients with their Hygiene Needs
Common steps for all hygiene procedures  
Bathing a patient in bed  
Assisting a patient with a wash (out of bed)  
Trimming nails  
Washing a patient's hair in bed  
Jean Shapcott
Chapter 12: Performing Last Offices
Performing last offices  

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