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Essential Subject Knowledge for Primary Teaching

Essential Subject Knowledge for Primary Teaching

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July 2023 | 352 pages | Learning Matters

As a trainee teacher you have a huge amount to grapple with when it comes to developing expertise in the suite of subjects within the primary national curriculum. Subject knowledge cannot be developed in isolation, it must relate to the curriculum knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, enabling ways to teach the subject with confidence. This book takes you though a journey of the national curriculum, supporting you to think about each subjects’ positioning within the national curriculum, the subject knowledge you need to know and how to teach each subject in a creative way. Highlighting the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion across all chapters, this book enables new teachers to bring new voices and perspectives to the classroom. It includes:

·        Key subject knowledge.

·        Examples of sequenced lessons.

·        Classroom ideas.

·        Links to further learning and subject associations.

·        A chapter exploring the subject knowledge needed to teach sustainability and climate change.

Susan Ogier
1. Art and Design
Neil Rickus
2. Computing
Howard Foster
3. Design and Technology
Caroline Whiting and Paul Richardson
4. English
Martin Sutton and Julia Mackintosh
5. Geography
Judy Clarke
6. History
Nick Davies
7. Mathematics
Jon Audian, Sarah Lloyd, Helen Mead
8. Music
Cathy Burch
9. Modern Foreign Languages
Angela Whitehouse and Victoria Randall
10. Physical Education
Victoria Pugh
11. Relationships and Health Education and PSHE
James D. Holt
12. Religious Education
Deborah Wilkinson
13. Science
Nasreen Majid
14. Sustainability and Climate Change Education

Subject knowledge is such an important aspect of the teacher's tole. Very often it is a case of where to start. This book gives a clear steer in terms of what is required in relation to teacher subject knowledge.

Mr Gary Pykitt
School of Education, Birmingham City University
August 30, 2023

Good overview of the basic importance of subject knowledge in raising curriculum standards

Faculty Of Education (Ormskirk), Edge Hill University
June 14, 2023

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Sustainability Sample Chapter

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