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Establishing Preventive Services

Establishing Preventive Services

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May 1997 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
TodayÆs young people face greater risks to their current and future health and social development as shown by the involvement of younger and younger children in smoking, drinking, gang membership, and acts of violence. Emphasizing developmentally and contextually appropriate prevention service delivery models, the authors of this volume identify state-of-the-art, empirically based strategies to strengthen the environments in which children develop. Since programs with strong conceptualization, design, and implementation have the potential to enhance childrenÆs social, emotional, and physical wellness, the authors first review ways to strengthen the family, child-care systems, early childhood education, school-based health and mental health services, and community-based mental health programming. They next explore the importance of theory-guided evaluation to clarify the process of program implementation as well as highlighting strategies for disseminating programs effectively. Throughout the chapters, the authors emphasize three themes: One, that scientists, practitioners, and policy makers must collaborate to diversify the portfolio of coordinated family-, school-, and community-based prevention services. Second, that rigorous evaluations of prevention programs are critical to document their efficacy and to identify ways to improve their quality. And, three, that well-designed prevention programs must be effectively conducted in order to insure implementation quality. This important new volume will be invaluable to professionals and practitioners in the fields of developmental psychology, clinical psychology, family studies, social work, counseling, human services, nursing, and public health.

Thomas P Gullota
Roger P Weissberg, Carol Bartels Kuster and Thomas P Gullota
Introduction and Overview
Prevention Services - From Optimistic Promise to Widespread, Effective Practice

Edward F Zigler and Matia Finn-Stevenson
Policy Efforts To Enhance Child and Family Life
Goals for 2010

Sharon L Kagan and Michelle J Neuman
Defining and Implementing School Readiness
Challenges for Families, Early Care and Education and Schools

Emory L Cowen
Schools and the Enhancement of Children's Wellness
Some Opportunities and Some Limiting Factors

Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus
Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents
Shauna L Dowden et al
Improving Access to Health Care
School-Based Health Centers

Ernest Valente, Jr and Kenneth A Dodge
Evaluation of Prevention Programs for Children
Denise C Gottfredson, et al
Making Prevention Work
Maurice J Elias
Reinterpreting Dissemination of Prevention Programs as Widespread Implementation with Effectiveness and Fidelity

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ISBN: 9780761910909