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Evaluating Social Science Research

Evaluating Social Science Research
An Introduction

January 1994 | 196 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This basic introduction assesses the meaning and validity of research in the social sciences and related fields. Thomas R. Black shows how the ability to critically read published research is essential and is different from the skills involved in undertaking research or statistical analysis. Black explains in clear and straightforward terms how students can evaluate research, with particular emphasis on research involving some aspect of measurement. This comprehensive book examines research design, data collection, and data analysis. Particular questions studied include: o Are the questions and hypotheses advanced appropriate and testable? o Is the research design sufficient for the hypothesis? o How good is the data gathered? o Do the statistical techniques used to analyze the data support the conclusion reached?

Social Science Research
An Overview

Questions and Hypotheses
How Far Can You Generalize?

Data Quality
Descriptive Statistics
Statistical Inference and Correlational Studies
Statistical Inference and Experimental Designs
Controlling Variables and Drawing Conclusions

Very good explanations given of statistical tests. However the book is misnamed and it should be made clear the focus is primarily on quantitative research.

Dr Fiona McSweeney
Social Science , Dublin Institute of Technology
April 22, 2013

Sage College Publishing

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