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Every Trainer's Handbook

Every Trainer's Handbook

Second Edition

July 2009 | 436 pages | SAGE India
Every Trainer's Handbook, Second Edition is a practical guide that takes the reader through a step-by-step process of planning, organizing and delivering an effective training program. It offers concrete suggestions and guidelines to trainers for enhancing their knowledge and competencies while simultaneously engaging them in a substantive discussion on various concepts, theories and issues related to training.

This new edition of the book enlarges the scope of the previous edition. Underscoring the importance of a cohesive and synthesized approach, it brings together all interrelated aspects of the learning process. Recognizing the importance of general situations that a trainer has to handle in the delivery of the program, it identifies new situations and issues that call for action by the trainer under a section 'Role of the trainer'. An entirely new section-Using question-response approach for enhancing participation-reinforces and substantiates the concept, meaning and scope of training.

The handbook has been prepared keeping in mind the needs of training different types of groups in different settings, regardless of the nature of the groups or the themes of the training programs. It is aimed at training managers, instructors at various training and educational institutions, organizers of workshops and seminars, those responsible for planning training programs and participants. Its content as well as its reader-friendly language and style make it suitable and relevant for all levels of trainers-the experienced ones or those who are new to professional training. It is a must-read for people specializing in the fields of business and management-training, human resource development, organizational design and development-and social development.

Introduction to the Second Edition
Introduction to the First Edition
Training-Concept, Meaning and Scope
Process of Learning in a Training Programme
Making Stakeholders Partners in Training
Steps in Preparing a Training Design
Delivering an Active and Participatory Training Programme
Training Methods and Techniques
Training Group and its Dynamics
The Trainer-Roles and Functions
Evaluation of a Training Programme

A handy and insightful volume for both new and seasoned trainers. The present book is different from the other books in the field of training and development in the sense that it is very practical and applied in its approach….. This book is a lucidly written, practical manual for a training and development professional…The author has done an extremely good job in presenting the contents in a readable and comprehensible fashion. The book does not use jargon; at the same time, it includes all vital topics presented in a straightforward and clear language that an archetypal trainer needs to know and apply in his professional practice. It is not just recommended to a new trainer, but also to a veteran to re-visit and refresh the fundamental principles and processes of training and development.

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ISBN: 9788132100812

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