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Evidence Based Teaching in Secondary Schools

Evidence Based Teaching in Secondary Schools

March 2022 | 176 pages | Learning Matters

A comprehensive guide to support, challenge and develop understanding of evidence-based teaching.

Trainee teachers need to understand what is meant by 'evidence based teaching' and how this influences and shapes teaching in classrooms today.  This book explores what we mean by 'evidence' in education and how education researchers trial and evaluate teaching methods.  It introduces key contemporary strategies used in schools and links back to the research and literature to help trainees connect theory to practice.
Supports new teachers to have the confidence to critically evaluate new teaching strategies and to understand how to discern what works for them in their classroom.

1: Educational disadvantage and inclusion
2: How children learn
3: Cognitive Load
4: Classroom practice
5: Retrieval Practice
6: Explicit and Direct Instruction
7: Metacognition
8: Subject knowledge
9: Adaptive Teaching
10. Assessment
11: Curriculum design
12: Education myths

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