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Exaggerated Claims?

Exaggerated Claims?
The ESRC, 50 Years On

First Edition

SAGE Swifts

December 2015 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"David Walker’s analysis is incisive and hard hitting. Anyone who believes in the power of social science to inform better policy making should take his criticisms seriously."
- Sue Duncan, Former Chief Government Social Researcher and Head of the Government Social Research Service

"David Walker has written an unofficial summary of ESRC's achievements and struggles. He brings to the task long experience of the organisation and of the key players, a great familiarity with the literature and a sceptical nature. The result is stimulating, instructive, contentious and sometimes even infuriating."
- David Rhind, Chair of the Nuffield Foundation

What is the role of the state in distributing research money? How do 'arm's-length' funding agencies relate to public policy and business? This original study looks at the main social science funding agency in the UK, which was established 50 years ago. It examines how funding decisions are related to power. The 'critical' and ‘policy' aspects of successful research bids are discussed. Walker asks the tricky question, why has social science research not achieved a more salient role in state policy formation and management strategy: is the funding agency responsible? 

Insightful, engrossing and highly original, the book will be required reading for anyone who has written or will write a Social Science research bid and, more widely, for students of power, knowledge and culture.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The ESRC Today
Chapter 3: Promise and disappointment
Chapter 4: Reprieve and normalisation
Chapter 5: An agent of amerlioration
Chapter 6: Academic capture
Chapter 7: Cumulative knowledge?
Chapter 8: Conclusion

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Exaggerated Claims: Introduction

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