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Family Life in Black America

Family Life in Black America

Edited by:
  • Robert Joseph Taylor - University of Michigan, School of Business, University of North Texas, USA
  • James S. Jackson - University of Michigan, USA, Emeritus, Anthropology, University of Michigan, Emeritus
  • Linda M. Chatters - University of Michigan, School of Business, University of Michigan, USA

August 1997 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Over the past 20 years, African American families have undergone tremendous changes, both demographically and socially. During this time, most of the studies of black families have focused on problems, such as out-of-wedlock births, single-parent families, and childhood poverty. While an accurate appreciation of the challenges confronting black families is important and needed, a "problem focus" tends to offer a narrow, negative view and restricts the consideration of other important issues affecting families. Family Life in Black America moves away from this deficit perspective and the result is enlightening both in its comprehensive reach and systematic scholarship. Readers of this volume will be pleased with the wide range of issues dealt with in this volume, including maturation, mate selection, sexuality, procreation, infancy, adulthood, adolescence, gender issues, young adulthood, cohabitation, parenting, grandparenting, and aging. Each article is firmly grounded in empirical data, based on, but not limited to, the National Survey of Black Americans (NSBA). A fresh aspect of this book is the amount of diversity it reveals withing African American families and the forces that shape, limit, and enhance them. Both uplifting and informative, Family Life in Black America is truly unique in its field and will be used by professionals and students in ethnic studies, family studies, social work, psychology, research methods, and gerontology.

Andrew Billingsley
Robert Joseph Taylor, Linda M Chatters and James S Jackson
Robert Joseph Taylor et al
Recent Demographic Trends in African American Family Structure
K Jill Kiecolt and Mark A Fossett
The Effects of Mate Availability on Marriage among Black Americans
A Contextual Analysis

M Belinda Tucker and Robert Joseph Taylor
Gender, Age and Marital Status as Related to Romantic Involvement among African American Singles
Verna M Keith
Life Stress and Psychological Well-Being among Married and Unmarried Blacks
Christopher G Ellison
Religious Involvement and the Subjective Quality of Family Life among African Americans
Ruby L Beale
Multiple Familial-Worker Role Strain and Psychological Well-Being
Moderating Effects of Coping Resources among Black Americans Parents

Robert Joseph Taylor and Sherrill L Sellers
Informal Ties and Employment among Black Americans
Clifford L Broman
Families, Unemployment and Well-Being
Rukmalie Jayakody and Linda M Chatters
Differences among Africian American Single Mothers
Maritial Status, Living Arrangements and Family Support

Cleopatra Howard Caldwell and Lilah Koski
Childrearing, Social Support and Perceptions of Parental Competence Among African American Mothers
Michael C Thornton
Strategies of Racial Socialization Among Black Parents
Mainstream, Minority & Cultural Messages

Phillip J Bowman and Tyrone A Forman
Instrumental and Expressive Family Roles Among African American Fathers
Robert Joseph Taylor and Waldo E Johnson, Jr
Family Roles and Family Satisfaction Among Black Men
Andrea G Hunter
Living Arrangements of African-American Adults
Variations by Age, Gender and Family Status

H W Neighbors
Husbands, Wives, Family and Friends
Sources of Stress, Sources of Support

Robert Joseph Taylor, James S Jackson and Linda M Chatters
Changes Over Time in Support Network Involvement among Black Americans

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ISBN: 9780803952911