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Feminist Views of the Social Sciences

Feminist Views of the Social Sciences

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September 2000 | 199 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Among the many achievements of the feminist movement of the 1970s was the unprecedented influx of women into academia. Over the last 25 years, women have entered the social sciences in huge numbers - bringing with them new perspectives and new insights into the social world.

This special issue of The Annals reflects on this multivocal, richly textured, and dynamic revolution. From anthropology to psychology to geography to criminology and more, leading feminists reflect on the most significant contributions of feminist activism and feminist research to their fields. Two main themes run through this volume: the relationship between feminist scholarship and feminist activism, and the enduring controversies and future direction of feminist social science.

The contributions run the gamut from the impact of feminism on specific social science disciplines such as family studies, archaeology, political science, and media studies to the influence of feminist thought on specific topics such as federally funded social science, migration, media practices, and sexuality. The main conclusion of this volume is that, "where reigning paradigms are strong and the accepted methodologies are limited, feminist perspectives tend to be marginalized. On the other hand, fields that are theoretically eclectic and interdisciplinary appear to be the most welcoming to feminist influence."

Revolution or Evolution?

Feminist Views of the Social Sciences
Christine L. Williams
Ravina Aggarwal
Traversing Lines of Control
Feminist Anthropology Today

Judith D. Auerbach
Feminism and Federally Funded Social Science
Notes from Inside

Maxine Baca Zinn
Feminism and Family Studies for a New Century
Dana M. Britton
Feminism in Criminology
Engendering the Outlaw

Lynn S. Chancer
From Pornography to Sadomasochism
Reconciling Feminist Differences

Kelley Hays-Gilpin
Feminist Scholarship in Archaeology
Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
Feminism and Migration
Gretchen Ritter and Nicole Mellow
The State of Gender Studies in Political Science
Lynn A. Staeheli and Patricia M. Martin
Spaces for Feminism in Geography
S. Craig Watkins and Rana A. Emerson
Feminist Media Criticism and Feminist Media Practices
Amy S. Wharton
Feminism at Work
Judith Worell
Feminism in Psychology

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