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Fostering Emotional Intelligence in K-8 Students

Fostering Emotional Intelligence in K-8 Students
Simple Strategies and Ready-To-Use Activities

July 2001 | 168 pages | Corwin
A fun and friendly way to bring Emotional Intelligence into your classroom! Elementary and middle school teachers can bring home all the benefits of Emotional Intelligence with this hands-on idea book, filled with exciting new ways to help every student be "people smart" as well as "book smart." The lively "how-to's" include games, projects, and activities that promote: - Cognizant awareness of self and others - Approval of self and others - Self-responsibility - Finding personal meaning - Valuing honesty and ethics .. and then goes a step farther, helping educators to integrate EI components into the day-to-day curriculum. It's perfect 'gateway' to Emotional Intelligence for K-8 instructors of all subjects!

About the Author
Part I: Is Emotional Intelligence Just One More Thing We Have to Teach?
1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence
2. Integrating Emotional Intelligence with Academic Skills
3. Teaching Emotional Intelligence
Part II: Components of Emotional Intelligence
4. Awareness of Self and Others
5. Approval of Self and Others
6. Mastering Self-Responsibility
7. Finding Personal Meaning
8. Valuing Honesty and Ethics
Part III: Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Into the Curriculum
9. EI Synthesis: Creating a Thematic Unit Around Emotional Intelligence
Appendix: Pre-and Post-Training Assessment of Emotional Intelligence
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"Gwen Doty has written a practical, usable, and timely book on a subject that can have tremendous impact on student achievement. Well worth the reading!"

Donna Walker Tileston, Ed.D.
Author of Ten Best Teaching Practices

 "Timely and very relevant to classroom teachers and those training to be in the field."

Anita Perry
Title I Teacher, Leominster, MA

"Doty's book is a useful, practical tool that raises a myriad of issues for those interested in exploring the relationship between emotional intelligence, empathy, pro-social behavior, and development."

Contemporary Psychology APA Review of Books, February 2003

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