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Fritz Perls

Fritz Perls

June 1993 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What was Fritz Perls' overall contribution to Gestalt therapy? Why does Clarkson believe that Perls was the most important founding developer and disseminator of Gestalt therapy? Clarkson answers these and many other questions by examining Gestalt therapy as an immensely influential approach to therapy and counseling. Written by a leading authority on Gestalt therapy, Petruska Clarkson analyzes Perls' life and career, his major theoretical and practical contributions, the criticisms of his work, and his overall influences on psychotherapy. Fritz Perls is an ideal resource for professionals and students in psychiatry, psychology, counseling, and social work who wish to have a better understanding of Gestalt therapy.

The Life of Fritz Perls
Perls' Major Theoretical Contributions
Perls' Major Practical Contributions
Criticisms and Rebuttals
The Overall Influence of Fritz Perls
A Select Bibliography of Perls' Major Writing

`A well-researched, clearly written book... Clarkson and Mackewn did a splendid job organising the theoretical material... Their judicious use of graphics enhances their discussions... The chapter on Perls' contributions to practice is nicely peppered by samples of his actual therapy work and this is true for other chapters. This, I imagine, is how Fritz would have liked it: to let his work speak for itself... I wish to praise the authors for a comprehensive, uncluttered last chapter on the overall influence of Perls on those who have toiled to expand and refine his ideas and practice. Clarkson and Mackewn give Fritz's successors due credit and fair appraisal... They have carefully crafted and produced a powerfully informative book. Its pages are crammed with up-to-date facts and issues relating to Perls. One gets a full, yet uncluttered, view of the man and his work; woven into it are insights of his predecessors and most current contributors. The work is lean, not one word is wasted. Congratulations!' - The British Gestalt Journal

`another excellent book in the series... This is a fascinating account of an extraordinary perceptive therapist and controversial man, which I enjoyed and would highly recommend' - Counselling, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling

`One of the most comprehensive and lucid descriptions of Gestalt Therapy that I have read. The authors disentangle the essence of this approach from Perls' particular contribution. A timely appraisal of Perls' controversial life and work confronts the criticisms levelled at this therapy as a whole and clarifies the difference between "Perls-ism" and Gestalt Therapy. One of the strengths of this book is the way it places the creation and development of this form of psychotherapy, and Perls' specific role in this, within a historical, political and philosophical context... I particularly appreciated the authors' informal and accessible writing style. This makes it a book that should reach those who are newcomers to Perls and Gestalt, as well as appealing to people, like myself, who are currently training in this therapy' - Clinical Psychology Forum

`Clarkson and Mackewn provide a lucid account of Perls' life and his theories... The book is intended to be both comprehensive and comprehensible to readers of various fields, schools and levels of expertise. It succeeds admirably on all counts. The book is lucid and well written. It is scholarly, well documented, balanced and integrative... The book's treatment of the theory of Gestalt therapy is remarkably good... I highly recommend Fritz Perls as a book that introduces Perls and Gestalt therapy and explicates the roles of both in the larger picture' - Contemporary Psychology

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