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Fritz Perls

Fritz Perls

June 1993 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What was Fritz Perls' overall contribution to Gestalt therapy? Why does Clarkson believe that Perls was the most important founding developer and disseminator of Gestalt therapy? Clarkson answers these and many other questions by examining Gestalt therapy as an immensely influential approach to therapy and counseling. Written by a leading authority on Gestalt therapy, Petruska Clarkson analyzes Perls' life and career, his major theoretical and practical contributions, the criticisms of his work, and his overall influences on psychotherapy. Fritz Perls is an ideal resource for professionals and students in psychiatry, psychology, counseling, and social work who wish to have a better understanding of Gestalt therapy.

The Life of Fritz Perls
Perls' Major Theoretical Contributions
Perls' Major Practical Contributions
Criticisms and Rebuttals
The Overall Influence of Fritz Perls
A Select Bibliography of Perls' Major Writing

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