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From Another Planet

From Another Planet
Autism from Within


May 2004 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This is one of those books that someone could pick up and read and could open the door to recognition of a condition that has so far been undetected. I am sure that her anecdotes will ring bells for some people' - Stroud Autistic Support Group

Amongst the books about Autism, the reader should be looking for those that help us understand the condition, anticipate the problems that arise and respond with flexibility and acceptance. This book explains the experience of an autistic person facing the everyday events we easily manage.

When they read this book my friends and acquaintances may not immediately recognise it is about me. I have become an expert at hiding difficulties caused by my autism. If there is something I simply can't do, or if I find it very difficult, people around me might not necessarily notice. I know lots of tricks to prevent me from making a poor show, or people noticing my inability to do certain things... Some people don't believe me. My reply is try spending a week with me you will soon find out!

If we cannot spend a week with Dominique then this book is the next best thing.

Chapter 1
The Diagnosis

Chapter 2
Difficulties in Everyday Life

Chapter 3
Sensory Stimuli

Chapter 4
Communication and Language

Chapter 5
Learning and Linking

Chapter 6
Planning and Structure

Chapter 7
Social Contacts

Chapter 8

A Positive Conclusion

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ISBN: 9781904315322