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From Chicago to L.A.

From Chicago to L.A.
Making Sense of Urban Theory

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August 2001 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc


For most of the twentieth century, the principles of the "Chicago School" have guided urban analysts throughout the world. Los Angeles has been regarded as an exception to the rules governing the growth of American cities. But just as the Chicago School emerged at a time when that city was reaching new national prominence, Los Angeles is now making its impression on the minds of urbanists across the world.

From Chicago to L.A. begins the task of defining an alternative agenda for urban studies and examines the case for shifting the focus of urban studies from Chicago to Los Angeles. The authors, experienced scholars from a variety of disciplines, examine:

  • The concepts that have blocked our understanding of Southern California cities
  • The imaginative structures that people have been using to understand and explain Los Angeles
  • The utility of the "Los Angeles School" of urbanism

Michael J Dear and Steven Flusty
The Resistible Rise of the Los Angeles School
Dowell Myers
Demographic Dynamism in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC
Michael J Dear and Steven Flusty
Los Angeles as Postmodern Urbanism
Greg Hise
Industry and the Landscapes of Social Reform
Steven P Erie
Los Angeles as a Developmental City-State
Allen J Scott
Industrial Urbanism in Late Twentieth-Cenctury Southern California
Jerome Straughan and Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
From Immigrants in the City, to Immigrant City
Madeleine R Stoner
The Globalization of Urban Homelessness
Cheryl L Maxson & Malcom W Klein
'Play Groups' no Longer
Urban Sreet Gangs in the Los Angeles Region

Donald E Miller
Religion in Los Angeles
Patterns of Spiritual Practice in a Postmodern City

J Dallas Dishman
Ecologies of Cyberspace
Gay Communities on the Internet

Darnell M Hunt
Representing "Los Angeles"
Media, Space, and Place

Ashwani Vasishth and David C Sloane
Returning to Ecology
An Ecosystem Approach to Understanding the City

Jennifer Wolch, Stephanie Pincetl and Laura Pulido
Urban Nature and the Nature of Urbanism
Phillip J Ethington and Martin Meeker
Saber Y Conocer
The Metropolis of Urban Inquiry

Michael J Dear
The LA School
A Personal Introduction


"The book serves its purpose. It captures a range of the many landscapes that are Los Angeles, it presents a variety of perspectives on urban thought, and it leaves one with a sense about the L.A. School."

Key features
  • Proposes a compelling theoretical argument of a new urban form
  • Explores important aspects of contemporary community including the role of immigration in the emerging character of Southern California, religion, virtual communities, the growth of homelessness, and the increasing presence of gangs.
  • Examines LA as city of industry including a discussion of economic history and trends in regional economic restructuring.

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