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Future Visions

Future Visions
The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow

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April 1996 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Future Visions is an important book. Its contents will assure the continued influence of Abraham Maslow, whose image of the human psyche was a welcome antidote to the dismal picture portrayed by many of the early psychoanalysts. From Maslow's perspective, humankind is endowed with a 'will to health' and a potential for 'self-actualization'--the very qualities that will assure the survival of human beings into the next century and beyond." --Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Institute, San Francisco "Over a quarter century since his untimely death, it seems clear that Abraham Maslow was a pioneer in a new direction of psychology (humanistic and transpersonal), even as mainstream psychology would continue to move in the scientism direction for decades to come. In his key book Toward a Psychology of Being (1962), Maslow had a central chapter, 'On the Need to Know and the Fear of Knowing,' in which he observed that our strongest resistance is not to knowing the most despicable in ourselves but to knowing the highest, 'the most godlike.' He saw this characteristic as one of the chief obstacles to the coming revolution in our logos of the psyche, as well as in leadership and in organization and social change. This book, Future Visions, is especially inspirational in its demonstration that Maslow saw clearly both the revolutionary force that has continued to grow over the past several decades, and the reasons to anticipate that it would meet with opposition. It is far more apparent now than it was at the time of his death what a remarkable leader Maslow was. This book is extremely helpful in bringing together his thoughts, which, because of his early death, he never assembled into his own summum opus." --Willis Harman, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences One of the founders of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow spent a lifetime developing theories that shaped not only psychology but counseling, education, social work, theology, marketing, and management as well. Indicative of his influence, Maslow's ideas on human behavior and motivation have become a part of public consciousness. At the time of his death 25 years ago, he left a vast collection of articles, essays, and letters intended for publication. Now, noted Maslow biographer and award-winning author Edward Hoffman has compiled the most compelling of these writings into one volume. In an array of letters, working papers, lectures, and journal entries, Maslow shares his thoughts on topics that range from self-actualization and well-being to American politics and organizational management. Hoffman provides helpful introductions to Maslow's life and work, as well as to each writing, and a handy glossary of terms used by Maslow. Both scholars and students of personality, counseling, and humanistic psychology--as well as management, education, and social work--will discover new insights into Abraham Maslow's influential work through this important book.

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