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Generative AI for Students

Generative AI for Students
The Essential Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence for Study at University


January 2025 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Using Generative Artificial Intelligence as a student can be confusing and challenging. This authoritative guide equips you with practical knowledge, enabling you to leverage Generative AI as a powerful study aid and embark on your academic journey with confidence. Exploring a wide spectrum of topics, from demystifying jargon and fostering critical thinking to addressing diversity, inclusion and academic integrity, this book is an essential companion for any Higher Education student looking to enhance their academic skill set and achieve success in their studies. 

By the end of this book you will:

- Become critically literate at using Generative AI
- Learn how to use Generative AI to enhance traditional study methods
- Encounter real-life case studies and worked-through examples to put theory into practice
- Gain a comprehensive grounding in how to engage with Generative AI Tools

PART I: What you need to know about Generative AI
Chapter 1: Navigating the AI Landscape
Chapter 2: What can Generative AI do for your study skills?
Chapter 3: Academic Integrity and the Ethical Use of using Generative AI at University
PART II: How to support your study with Generative AI
Chapter 4: Getting started with Generative AI
Chapter 5: Using generative AI tools to support your study
PART III: How to approach your assessments with Generative AI
Chapter 6: Essays
Chapter 7: Presentations
Chapter 8: Exams
Chapter 9: E-portfolios
PART IV: How to explore feedback with Generative AI
Chapter 10: Grades and feedback

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