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Geographies of Violence

Geographies of Violence
Killing Space, Killing Time

September 2017 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
We experience violence all our lives, from that very first scream of birth. It has been industrialized and domesticated. Our culture has not become accustomed to all violence, to be sure; but enough violence, nonetheless: more than enough, perhaps.

Geographies of Violence is a critical human geography of the history of violence, from Ancient Rome and Enlightened wars through to natural disasters, animal slaughter, and genocide. Written incredible insight and flair, this is a thought-provoking text for human geography students and researchers alike. 

The Joy of Killing
Chapter 1: The Best of All Possible Violence
Chapter 2: Once Upon a Time, Long, Long Ago
Chapter 3: Pre-Industrial Mass Killing
Chapter 4: The European Way of War
Chapter 5: Enlightened Killing
Chapter 6: The Animal Slaughter Industry
Chapter 7: The Human Slaughter Industry
Chapter 8: Weaponized Air
Chapter 9: Atmospheric Terrorism
Chapter 10: Black Meteorology
Chapter 11: Firestorms and Corpse Mines
Chapter 12: Capital Punishment
Chapter 13: The Business of Genocide
Still Dead Certain

"Do not read this book.  Experience it.  Never before has such analytical power and narrative brilliance been applied to a subject so universally obscured and evaded -- the endlessly violent geographies of killing times, of killing spaces, of the ruthless efficiencies of optimal, optimized evil.  Doel sets out to hit us in the face and the stomach with the myriad horrors of our world, our lives and deaths, and no reader will ever be quite the same after this breathtaking journey through genocides, gulags, and incinerated cities.  This is powerful cognitive crystal meth, a stunning work of apocalyptic beauty and catastrophic grace."

Elvin Wyly
Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

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Geographies of Violence - Chapter 1

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