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George Kelly

George Kelly

  • Fay Fransella - Centre for Personal Construct Psychology, London

January 1996 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
George Kelly remains a shadowy figure, but in this unique volume, author Fay Fransella describes a man of enormous intellect, of many talents, and of great complexity. As well as outlining how his views have influenced the theory and practice of psychotherapy, this book illustrates how his training in physics and mathematics led him to the development of one of his measurement methods--the repertory grid. Also analyzed is George Kelly's constructive alternatism, which suggests we have created and can therefore recreate ourselves and that what is true for the individual is what matters rather than some external truth. His philosophy is seen as a precursor to the current emphasis on constructivism. George Kelly argued that the validity of any theory can be assessed in terms of its usefulness. The vast amount of work stemming from his theory and methods of practice indicate just how useful it is.

The Life of George Kelly
Major Contributions to Theory
Major Contributions to Practice
Criticisms and Rebuttals
The Overall Influence of George Kelly
A Select Bibliography of Kelly's Works